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A more relaxed approach.

IT'S weird that Ireland has a large percentage of idjits who go too fast down roads that are too narrow and yet the pace of life is definitely three steps back.

As an occasional driver in Donegal, I get the impression that 50% of motorists think they are Lewis Hamilton, 20% know they are Lewis Hamilton and 30% have never taken a driving test.

There are several hazards on the roads: slow moving tractors, fast moving cattle wagons, scenic views, high hedges round which may lurk an oncoming Lewis Hamilton and conversation.

Two motorists approaching each other may decide to stop side by side, lower their windows and have a chat. Anyone behind will be acknowledged with a raised hand, followed by another raised hand when the chat has finished, and they continue their journeys. And you are able to continue yours.

The same attitude applies in the village shop. I had a basketful of items and was standing in line while a girl and a chap were serving behind the tills. An elderly lady was chatting to a neighbour in front, oblivious that it was her turn.

"Mary?" called the girl assistant.

"Am I holding everyone up?" she said.

"No bother." Mary only wanted dog food and a loaf but took forever as she went through her purse and started another conversation.

The day was young, why rush? The male assistant was attending to people. I got served as Mary finally pushed the items she had bought to one side and said she'd call back later for them. And probably another chat.

"Have I been holding anyone up?" she said.

"No bother," said the girl. And the delightful thing is, that it wasn't.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Dec 23, 2014
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