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A monster adrenaline rush with new Doom; WEEKEND: BYTE SIZE.


Doom 3

Xbox - pounds 39.99

THERE'S no doom and gloom once you get into this supreme FPS.

When first-person shooters are put to the test, there's always three or four that they're benchmarked against.

The Doom series is one of those, mainly for its incredible combat sequences where players and computer enemies alike throw everything bar the kitchen sink at each other to emerge victorious.

It's gruesome, gory and remarkably similar to the PC version, though the Xbox's multi-player mode does seem a little easier to get stuck into. The co-operative mode is a brilliant addition to the game, as you and a pal or two join forces against the weird and wonderful horrors that come your way.

For sheer adrenaline rushes and jump-out-of-your-skin moments, trigger- happy console owners are going to be tumbling over each other to get hold of this game.

PC owners, however, will simply be reminding them they've already had the joy of playing Doom 3 for some months now! Brilliant stuff. 10/10

Champions Return to Arms

PS2 - pounds 39.99

CHAMPIONS OF NORRATH was critically acclaimed in 2004, as an intense action-packed adventure combining elements from the fighting, action and role-playing genres.

Well, it's back. Building on the progressive features of the first edition, it has more single-player adventures, a deeper online and multi-player experience, two new playable races, beautifully-detailed environments, a whole new storyline, secret gameplay modes, new monsters, weapons, items and much more.

Phew, quite a lot to take on board, but as the game unfolds, fans of the series will be in familiar, but by no means boring, territory, as your adventures take you to the most beautiful locales and darkest dungeons imaginable.

Whether you import your character from the first quest or start afresh, Return to Arms will enthral you with all the exciting twists and turns that an RPG should have as you decide your fate. 8/10

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TRIGGER HAPPY: Prepare to shoot all sorts of hideous creatures in Doom 3 for Xbox
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Date:Apr 9, 2005
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