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A moment with ... Dorethea Peters.

Staff nurse Dorethea Peters, RN-BC took a few moments out of her busy nursing schedule to discuss her personal life and professional ambitions and achievements with Georgia Nursing Editor Merri Brantley. The following is a recount of their conversation:


Nurse Peters is a charming, unassuming woman who is dedicated to her family and her profession. She is the resource coordinator to the Pulmonary Center on the Candler Campus of St. Josephs'/Candler Health System in Savannah. She and her husband Mike, who is a site manager for Securitas Security Systems at Gulfstream, are the parents of four sons, Michael, a heavy duty equipment mechanic; Patrick, a construction worker; Nicholas and Jared, who also works in construction. She also is a seven-time grandmother to six granddaughters and one grandson, and she shares her home with a couple of furry friends--Red, a 9 year-old golden retriever mix and Pepper, a black lab. Both dogs were rescue animals.

Dorethea, (pronounced Dur-ee-tha) was born and raised in Cordele in southwest Georgia, and she earned her ADN from Abraham Baldwin College in Tifton. Currently she is enrolled in the Indiana State University on-line program for her BSN. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Nurses Association where she is the Director of Workforce Advocacy. Her column appears regularly in Georgia Nursing.

Georgia Nursing: Why did you become a nurse?

Dorethea Peters: To help people.

GN: What is your career high point? Did you have low point? If so, what was it?

DP: I think one of my career high points was being named GNA Staff Nurse of the Year in 2003. My low point was as a new nurse when I lost my first patient and quickly came to realize that I couldn't save everyone.

GN: What inspires you?

DP: Being able to help people understand their illnesses and how to take care of themselves so they can get the most out of their lives. Many will come back to the hospital to let us know that they are doing well.

GN: What is your most memorable day?

DP: The day I got my nursing license.

GN: Who is your hero?

DP: Georgia Nurses Association President Cindy Balkstra, MS, RN, CNS-BC. Cindy has been my mentor for many years. She has a vast knowledge and bondless energy that amazes me. If not for her gentle pushes, I wouldn't be where I am today.

GN: What do you think is GNA's most important activity?

DP: Legislating for all nurses and being our voice.

GN: What do you like about being a member of GNA?

DP: Being around people who truly care about nursing and actually having a chance to make a difference in all our lives.

GN: Over the years, what has GNA done for you?

DP: GNA has made me a stronger person as well as helped develop me into a leader. It has given me the opportunity to learn how legislation can impact nursing and how we, as nurses, DO have a say in the laws that affect us.

GN: Why would you encourage your colleagues to become GNA members?

DP: GNA is the only nursing organization that can "speak" for nurses. I would encourage my colleagues to become active members of GNA so that their voices can be heard and they can have an impact on issues that affect nursing at all levels.


GN: What are your goals in life?

DP: I want to obtain my Master's Degree and help

GNA make a difference for all nurses.

GN: What is your toughest challenge ahead?

DP: Developing a workplace Advocacy Program that will benefit all nurses regardless of their specialty or degree. Helping them create a safe and acceptable work environment.

GN: When you're not saving lives and working for your professional association, the Georgia Nurses Association, what do you like to read?

DP: All books. I love to read when I get a chance.

GN: What are you reading now?

DP: I'm currently in between books.

GN: What is your favorite Movie?

DP: The Mummy Returns Part 2. I loved the little boy.

GN: What TV show do you like to watch? DP: Crossing Jordan. I like anything that has forensics in it.

The above interview was conducted in June of 2008 with the permission of Dorethea Peters for use in Georgia Nursing. For questions or if you need to contact Dorethea, please call the Georgia Nurses Association office at 404.325.5536.
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