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Fasten your seat belts for the greatest-ever air tickets bonanza - with over ONE MILLION single flights at giveaway prices, from as low as just pounds 25 return!

What's more, they are available all summer, from May 12 to November 30, to the most popular destinations in Europe and beyond, on scheduled flights with Air UK and the top Dutch airline KLM, taking off from 18 different regional airports across the country.

Few of the restrictions usually associated with cheaper fares apply - you can stay days or even weeks...the choice is yours. And there are no Saturday stop-over restrictions on our greatest ever ticket offer.

You could be jetting off this summer to over FIFTY different worldwide destinations, from Europe to the exotic Far East and Africa at fantastic fares, thanks to your unbeatable Sunday Mirror and The Mirror.

Spread your wings as far afield as Hong Kong, or sample the delights of a European summer with a trip to great cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Milan, Nice or Barcelona, all aboard top-class airlines Air UK and KLM.

You'll find our great- value fares across the UK are perfect for visiting family and friends or just exploring Great Britain and Northern Ireland. You could jet across to Amsterdam from Stansted from just pounds 25 return. Or take a trip from London City Airport to Edinburgh from just pounds 38 return.

If you are feeling adventurous, why not holiday in one of our other European destinations like Nice, Basle, Oslo or Prague for just pounds 69 one way, pounds 138 return.

And if you are travelling for work, why not pick up a ticket for your partner and turn business into pleasure!

There are even deals on long-haul flights up for grabs - so if you want to visit Beijing you pay just pounds 179 each way!

Or you can take off to Cairo for just pounds 198 return and Cape Town for just pounds 229 each way.

Air UK and KLM are well known for their excellent service and together they offer a fantastic choice of flights and destinations.

Teamed up with your favourite newspapers, the Sunday Mirror and The Mirror, Air UK and KLM have put together an unbeatable offer so you can experience air travel at its best.

You'll be taking off on a scheduled flight, with complimentary refreshments and meals (depending on your time of travel) - all available at our amazing fares.

We've teamed up with Thomas Cook, A T Mays and ARTAC World Choice travel agents who will take your booking at any of their branches - there are over 1,400 across the country offering you the very best travel advice and service.

Along with booking your Air UK/KLM ticket, they can also arrange insurance, car hire and hotel accommodation if you need it.

All you have to do is collect a total of 14 tokens from the Sunday Mirror and The Mirror, and then you can take off!

Just check out all the exciting destinations on Page 12, and then turn over to Page 14 to discover exactly how to book.

Have a great flight!


HERE'S your passport to getting airborne - it just couldn't be easier!

Just follow the seven easy steps below and you'll soon be on your way.

STEP ONE: Over the next 16 days we'll be printing different numbered tokens in the Sunday Mirror and The Mirror. You'll need to collect 14 of these, two of which MUST be Sunday Mirror tokens, to take part in our great getaway. We will also print bonus tokens - up to 3 of these will be accepted per application. Each set of 14 tokens will allow you to purchase two one-way flights per person (for up to two people). Token 1 is printed today on Page 13, and on this page you'll find our Travel Collector Form for you to attach your tokens to. Token 2 will be in The Mirror tomorrow and on Tuesday they'll be printing a special 12-page jetaway guide to taking off with ease.

STEP TWO: Study the fare, destination and travel date guides shown on Page 12 and on this page, and have an idea where you would like to fly to this summer. There are different fare structures and ticket allocations for the same routes and some of the cheaper fares will be booked very quickly so please have a few alternatives in mind. Also remember that certain travel times will be less popular so it will help if you are flexible. Please note that travel is excluded on Fridays and Sundays on all pounds 12.50 one way and pounds 25 return fares, pounds 19 each way (to and from) Stansted and Glasgow and pounds 29 each way (to and from) Stansted and Hamburg and Dusseldorf and Munich.

STEP THREE: You will be able to book your ticket between April 29 and May 15, 1997. Early bookers won't have a full set of tokens on April 29, but may still reserve and purchase a flight seat from that date. You WILL need to present a completed Collector Form with 14 different numbered tokens at check-in. Details about our participating travel agents, Thomas Cook, A T Mays and ARTAC World Choice and their services, will be printed in The Mirror next week along with more tokens.

STEP FOUR: Travel dates, prices and ticket allocations vary for each destination and these are detailed in the panels on Page 12 and this page. Our fares do not include the applicable airport and local government taxes which vary according to the destination. Your travel agent will be able to advise you on the extra costs. Please check this carefully when planning your getaway.

STEP FIVE: You may need a passport and/or visa to travel to your chosen destination (details of passport requirements are printed on the right)

STEP SIX: Travel insurance is strongly recommended, especially if you are going abroad. Your travel agent will be able to advise you on a suitable policy to ensure peace of mind.

STEP SEVEN: Finally, remember, NO tokens...NO tickets...NO travel. You will need your tokens and tickets to board your plane so if you are not departing until later in the year, please keep them very safe - they cannot be replaced.



ALL travel must be taken between May 12, 1997, and November 30, 1997, with the following exclusions:

May 23-27 - all routes.

August 22-26 - all routes

September 7-13 - all routes to and from Aberdeen

July and August - travel to and from Stansted/Milan

Travel to and from Beijing before September 1, 1997.

July and August - inbound travel from Hong Kong

May 12 to July 15 inclusive - travel to and from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Harare.



YOU must possess a full passport (one-year passports are no longer valid) for all overseas destinations.

If you don't have a passport you can pick up a form from your local Post Office. A full passport will cost you pounds 18 and is valid for 10 years.

Some countries require that your passport has been valid for at least six months.

Visas are required for certain overseas countries - your travel agent will advise you of this. Tourist visas are based on stays of up to 14 days.


1. To qualify to purchase tickets under this promotion readers must collect a total of 14 differently numbered tokens from 16 tokens published in The Mirror and Sunday Mirror. 'Bonus' tokens will also be printed - up to 3 per application will be accepted. Two differently numbered tokens must be obtained from the Sunday Mirror. The number of tickets available at pounds 12.50 one way or pounds 25 return is strictly limited.

2. Token holders aged 18 and over are entitled to purchase return flights for up to 2 people at one booking with one complete set of tokens for use on qualifying Air UK Ltd or KLM flights only. Applications will not be accepted if token sets are incomplete or duplicated. Bookings of up to 2 people are valid only when they are travelling at the same time, from the same airport to the same destination and where applicable returning on the same flight.

3. Tokens and collector forms are non-transferable, have no cash value, are redeemable only and must be surrendered when bookings are made. All tickets issued are non-transferable and non- refundable. Air UK/ KLM accept no responsibility for lost or stolen tokens.

4. A fully-completed set of tokens and collector form do not represent an entitlement to travel on a specific route on a specific date.

5. Passengers are responsible for paying applicable airport and local government taxes, including Air Passenger Duty. Passengers are responsible for obtaining their own passports, visa and insurance requirements. It is recommended that passengers take applicable insurance. All passengers travelling on international flights must have a valid 10-year passport and necessary visas.

6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

7. Bookings must be made in person between Tuesday April 29 and Thursday May 15, 1997, during normal Travel Agency opening hours at any Thomas Cook, A T Mays or ARTAC World Choice branch in Great Britain. All outward and return travel must be taken between May 12, 1997, and November 30, 1997, inclusive with the following exclusions:

a) Travel on Fridays and Sundays is excluded on the following fares:

All pounds 12.50 one-way fares, and all pounds 25 return fares

pounds 19 one-way, Stansted to Glasgow and Glasgow to Stansted

pounds 29 one-way, Stansted to Hamburg/ Dusseldorf/Munich and Hamburg/Dusseldorf/ Munich to Stansted

b) The offer is not available for travel during the following periods:

All routes - May 23-27, 1997, inclusive, August 22-26, 1997, inclusive

All routes to and from Aberdeen for travel between September 7-13 inclusive

Stansted to Milan and Milan to Stansted during July and August, 1997

Travel to and from Beijing before September 1, 1997

Outbound travel to Hong Kong during June, July and August, 1997

Inbound travel from Hong Kong during July and August, 1997

Travel to and from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Harare between May 12 and July 15, 1997, inclusive.

8. No alterations, refunds or exchanges will be permitted after a booking has been accepted. All flights and schedules are subject to change without prior notice. Previous bookings made prior to this promotion and for use during the period of this promotion cannot be exchanged or refunded for any ticket acquired under this promotion.

9. All flights must originate in the UK.

10. Multiple applications and bulk applications from trade or social groups will not be accepted.

11. This promotion applies to a one-way or return fare in Tourist Class for departure from the UK. Passengers under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Infants under 2 years will be required to pay pounds 12 on Domestic & European routes and pounds 77 on all long-haul routes. An infant's age is determined by the age on the first date of travel on the ticket. Only one infant may accompany each adult. No child discount applies.

12. All Air UK/KLM tickets remain subject to the terms and conditions under which they were issued and such conditions shall prevail in the event of any inconsistency with the terms of this promotion. Air UK/ KLM reserve the right to vary the terms and conditions at its discretion.

13. Tokens are only valid if obtained according to the terms and conditions of the promotion. Tokens will be rendered invalid if sold, bought, altered or defaced in any way. Photocopies will not be accepted. Tickets obtained using invalid tokens will be invalid and confiscated by Air UK/ KLM who reserve the right to recover the full applicable fare.

14. Air UK/KLM do not undertake to issue duplicate tickets, or replace lost or stolen or mislaid tickets (or portions of tickets) nor make returns in respect of the value of such tickets. However, provided the loss is reported to Air UK/KLM (as the case may be) more than 24 hours before the relevant departure and they can retrieve the booking to verify that the stolen or mislaid ticket has not been used, exchanged or refunded, they may at their discretion issue a duplicate on payment of an administration charge of pounds 15.

15. Air UK/KLM Conditions of Carriage apply to all tickets booked on this promotion, copies of which are available at Air UK/KLM sales points.

16. Availability for travel using tickets under this promotion is limited; certain flights may already be full and consequently no seats will be available. Off-peak flights offer more seats at promotional rates.

17. Once tokens have been redeemed, Air UK, KLM and Mirror Group shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil this promotion where such failure is caused by any supervening circumstances amounting to force majeure. Such circumstances shall include, but shall not be limited to, severe weather conditions, fire, flood, earthquake or severe movement of land or other natural phenomena, industrial dispute, war, riots, acts of God, supervening legislation or events which, without the fault of either party, render performance impossible or incapable of satisfactory execution.

18. The offer is not available to employees of Mirror Group, Air UK Limited, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Thomas Cook, A T Mays, ARTAC World Choice or anyone associated with the promotion.

19. Air UK/ KLM reserve the right to refuse to honour any application or recover the cost of any ticket issued if it considers that there has been an abuse of this promotion or breach of any of the terms or conditions of this promotion.

20. The decision of Air UK/ KLM and/or Mirror Group in all matters under their respective control is final and binding.
No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
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Date:Apr 20, 1997
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