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A message to all you pushers BE AFRAID .. BE VERY VERY AFRAID.

SHE was the first. Odious rabble-rouser Mags Hainey thought she was safe dealing heroin from the comfort of her council house.

She handled up to pounds 6000 of smack a week. No worries.

Except that her fat face is now staring out of the front page of the Daily Record, named and bang to rights as a pusher.

Now she's worried - and with every right because our dossier on her will be handed straight to the police.

Another four faces join her on our news pages. Dealers each and every one of them.

But make no mistake, this is no one-day wonder. The Daily Record will be naming and shaming drug dealers in every edition.

Since we opened our hotline for readers to shop the pushers, the lines have been red-hot.

More than 500 names have been given to us. And we're on their cases. All of them.

The targets announced by Drugs Minister Iain Smith for a 25 per cent increase in arrests and seizures and 25 per decrease in the number of young drug-users are worthy - but too modest.

Those who have to live with the drug menace want 100 per cent effort. And that means giving our police forces and the Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency the information they need.

No part of Scotland is immune. Dealers prey on quiet rural communities, as well as cities and towns. They are making huge profits - an ounce of heroin costs the dealer pounds 1000, but sold on the streets for pounds 10,000.

They operate from fortress-like tenement flats and schemes that are "no-go" areas.

But they are also young mothers, grandparents and pseudo-respectable businessmen with homes in select neighbourhoods.

Whoever they are, wherever they are, they must be dragged out of the shadows into the glare of publicity and hounded out of business.

The Record's message to the peddlers of misery is: We know where you live. We will name and shame you.

And our message to the mothers and fathers and everyone who cares about the future of our children is:


SHOP A PUSHER 0141 309 3251
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 1, 2000
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