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A message from the primate.

Dear Friends in Christ,

FREDERICK Buechner writes, in Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC, that "the place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." There can be little doubt of the world's deep hunger. Signs of that hunger are all around us. But what of our deep gladness? As I consider the moral, emotional and economic landscape of Canada, signs of that gladness seem overwhelmed by anxiety, frustration and cynicism. One has to look closely, behind and beyond the front pages of the newspaper, to find that gladness.

Most often, the source of our gladness is local. Often we find it in the lives of those closest to us. With some imagination, we can find it in our workplaces. Within a tradition of prayerful gratitude, we may find it in the clean water that flows from our faucets, in the fresh produce that grows in our gardens or fills the bins at the market, in our access to health care and public education.

As citizens of Canada, we are called to tend the sources of our gladness, to care for our life together. As Christians, we are called to imagine brothers and sisters around the world and to support them in the place God is calling them to be. Where water is scarce or unsafe, our sisters and brothers work to provide clean, safe water. Where local food needs are not met by local production, they gather for cooperative farming. Where HIV/AIDS threatens millions, they develop initiatives of healing and care. Where illiteracy undermines public life, they establish and sustain schools.

With far fewer resources, but with hope and determination, our distant partners foster and nurture the sources of gladness that we often take for granted. Over the past seventeen years, I have been proud that my office is closely associated with the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund. Their work is an expression of our work together. They listen carefully, plan thoughtfully and with ecumenical and Anglican Communion partners, support communities and leaders in developing wells of gladness around the world.

I write, then, with thanksgiving for their work and for the generosity of Anglicans across Canada, who have allowed their deep gladness to meet the world's deep hunger through their support of the Primate's Fund.

Yours faithfully,

Michael G. Peers Archbishop and Primate
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Title Annotation:PWRDF 2002 Annual Report ... the World Relief and Development Fund is an expression of Anglican charity
Author:Peers, Michael G.
Publication:Anglican Journal
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Date:Sep 1, 2003
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