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A message from the president.

As a leader, how do we get the best overall performance from those who work for us? For most leaders this is a combination of both experience and using tried and true methodologies. Every leader needs to have a bag of tools they rely on to get the needed results.


A key part of my tool bag is PIMA! PIMA is your association and was created solely to help leaders in our industry develop skills so that we can achieve excellence in the management of our industry. PIMA is made up of industry volunteers who have risen to levels of leadership excellence in their own companies, who want to do something to help our industry, and who want to continue to improve their own skills.


PIMA is directed by a board of your peers and overseen by an executive committee--these groups are dedicated to providing appropriate and applicable leadership development tools for our industry. A guiding factor is to provide these programs in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

For 2004, PIMA is focused on delivering programming in three leadership and management training areas. Each opportunity is designed to keep costs down, and to minimize time away from the job.

Webcast seminars--Delivered to your computer in your daily work environment. A key benefit of these programs is the single price, multi-person training offer. Using a projected computer screen, many employees can enjoy the same training for one price. Companies that have been using these training programs report that they immediately have group discussions about the material presented, what they learned and then develop plans on how to apply their new knowledge and skills in their individual work environments.

PIMA's Division Programming--Piggybacking on our new web cast opportunities, many divisions are using these as the backbone of excellent leadership skills training and roundtables at or near your work location.

National Conference, New Orleans--June 2004. Delivering on our overall objective of delivering leadership and management training in a cost--effective manner, PIMA will host the annual management conference simultaneously with the Information Technology (IT) conference. Key benefits of this programming will allow attendees to participate in both tracks of this conference. The President's Panel will kick off the meeting and the CIO Panel will close this exciting event.

This year's program will provide focused training, industry trends and forecasts, and the opportunity for benchmarking with other top industry leaders. Breakout sessions will be designed for emerging leaders, as well as middle and upper management. A unique trade show will be an added attraction providing information and exhibits regarding the latest in IT technology as well as management development companies.

Each of these focused training and development events provided by PIMA are powerful tools to assist you in improving your ability to get results from your management team. If PIMA is not a part of your tool bag--I recommend you that you make it one.
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Title Annotation:PIMA Association News
Author:Murdock, Diane
Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Dec 1, 2003
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