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A message from the editor.

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoy reading the CARING Newsletter, the official publication of a premiere nursing informatics organization. In the spirit of GIVING this holiday season, I invite you to GIVE your knowledge and time towards writing about topics in which your knowledge could help others in nursing/healthcare informatics. This final issue for 2007 contains great articles authored by CARING members.

Dr. Nasrin Falsafi's article on Telehealth for Chronic Disease Management is the final installment of a 3 part series. Next, we received overwhelming responses from members randomly selected for the Member Spotlight section. In one day, e-mail responses were received within sub-seconds of each other. Three candidates featured in this issue represent the diversity in profession and culture as it relates to the practice of nursing informatics.

The first educational session conducted as a live-web cast proved to be a trailblazer! Read about the first web cast review on Bar coding Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned. You can also get the instructions on how to access the presentation if you missed out on the live event. Finally, a meeting report on the CARING-Tennessee HIMSS reception focuses on the joint collaborative effort between both organizations.

There are many ways you can volunteer to write for the CARING Newsletter. You can start with something as simple as writing about tips or techniques that you find useful in your practice or you can recommend a great website in the industry or recommend a great nursing/healthcare informatics book you've read ... and possibly write a book review or website review. I am always looking for members to cover CARING sponsored meetings (both international & domestic) and LIVE web cast meetings. And, if you're up for a longer commitment, you can send me an email proposing an article for an upcoming issue.

Our readers are often our best writers. If you want to see your words and name in print, check out our author guidelines at and click on the newsletters tab. You can also send me an email or contact me using the toll free number 1-866-552-6404, ext. 706. We would love to hear from you!

Warmest Regards,

Liberty Rovira, Editor
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Author:Rovira, Liberty
Publication:CARING Newsletter
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Dec 22, 2007
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