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A message from the Chief of Supply Corps.

This spring, Supply Corps leaders met to discuss the major issues facing our Corps during the annual Supply Corps Flag Conference held at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. One major issue discussed during this and similar forums was joint operations--operations largely driven by the global war on terror, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Indian Ocean tsunami relief, the Bearing Sea Russian submarine rescue, the Pakistani earthquake and the GulfCoast hurricanes are all examples. We are a global presence that leverages the combined responsiveness of our military services and other government agencies to meet warfighter demands and serve world populations in need.

As we continue refining the definitions of Supply Domain and Global Logistics, it remains evident that joint operations are the key to a secure future. Meeting today's dynamic threats as well as those of the future requires Defense Department leadership, including the Navy and the Supply Corps, to concertedly focus on "jointness."

During the conference, RADM Mark Harnitchek, then Vice Director for Logistics, Joint Staff, discussed the actions the Joint Staff is taking toward realizing the joint vision of "globally responsive, operationally precise, and cost-effective logistics support for America's warfighters." This joint vision needs to be our guide in developing a truly integrated and agile supply chain capable of projecting and sustaining the Joint Force.

As reported in the last Newsletter, the Naval Operational Logistics Support Center has assumed the NAVSUP lead for joint logistics. They are fully engaged with key stakeholders in developing joint logistics concepts and have been working to synchronize Navy and emerging joint logistics capabilities. This area will continue to grow and provide more opportunities for our Supply Corps officers.

The Newsletter continues to receive numerous articles highlighting the experiences our Supply Corps officers are having in the joint and cross-service arenas. This issue contains a piece from LCDR Andy Gist who is serving as the first Logistics Operations Officer at the Joint Task Force Civil Support under the U.S. Northern Command. Also included is an account from LCDR Rod Gayton who served in Iraq with the Marine Corps, a final SITREP from LT Bob James who served with the Army in Afghanistan installing communications systems, and a look back to the beginning of the war in Iraq from LCDR Rich Paquette who served with the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance. This is a great forum for you to share your experiences in the field and pass on lessons learned. Keep them coming!
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Author:Stone, D.H.
Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
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Date:Sep 1, 2006
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