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A message from the Chief of Supply Corps.

This issue of the Navy Supply Corps Newsletter focuses on new platforms in supply from the beginnings of our pre-commissioning units until they set sail, to the advantages that these new platforms provide our Navy on a daily basis. Advanced technology and manpower must be balanced on the platforms for us to support the Fleet efficiently and effectively.

Also in this issue, the NEXCOM 2014 Bingham Award Winners are announced, along with the selections for programs such as Training With Industry, 810/811 Program, and multiple internships. Over the past few months, many were selected for promotion and there has been an abundance of awards and medals earned in reflection of the commitment you have made to yourself and the Navy.

The Chief Petty Officer (CPO) advancement results were rendered. CPOs are entrusted with the development of our junior officers and are the "deck-plate leaders" who provide the technical expertise which has our Navy as the preeminent force seen throughout the world today. I can personally attribute much of my success to the foundation provided during my first tour aboard USS Narwhal (SSN 671) by the Chief of the Boat. He nurtured my development with "hands on" leadership and guidance. Our CPOs are fountains of wisdom, ambassadors of good will, and the gatekeepers of our history. Learn from them as they will steer you to be the skilled Sailor and leader you are meant to be.

The Secretary of the Navy continues spreading the Department of the Navy's Innovation Vision. The Task Force Innovation will concentrate on five key focus areas. The Naval Innovation Network has been established to connect people, ideas and information. Not only will we be working together within the NAVSUP Enterprise, but we will be able to interact with others globally to provide the best innovative support to our Fleet.

We must be open to new ideas and tools to keep the Warfighter in the forefront. These new platforms will assist us in operating forward so that the Navy will be ready.

Thank you all for rising to these new challenges!



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Author:Yuen, J.A.
Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Date:Jul 1, 2015
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