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A measure of success.

This issue of Best's Review brings you our annual rankings of the top life insurers and the top property/casualty insurers, based on admitted assets for life and net premiums written for property/casualty. One of our cover stories, "Bulking Up" (page 20), talks about size as a metric, but the other, "Below the Profit Line" (page 21), talks about combined ratios. There are many metrics applied to the industry, which begs the question, which one is best?

"It's easy to pigeonhole a topic like this and say one thing defines success," said James Drinkwater, managing director of global markets for Willis. "But it's such a huge industry with so many diverse players, to say success is size or appetite only is a bad comparison. There are both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Appetite, capacity, claims handling and service are all important."

Introducing Best's Review (Digital Edition)

This issue also marks a significant expansion of Best's Review. The magazine is now available in a digital edition, which provides the same content as the print edition in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). The digital edition allows you to click on a story listing in the table of contents and go directly to that article, click on each article's featured insurers to get A.M. Best ratings and other company-specific information and click on ads to go directly to advertisers' Web sites.

To receive your Best's Review (Digital Edition), just fill out the brief online form at It's easy and free. Keep your print edition handy when you go to register.

Plus, once you subscribe to the digital edition, you'll get immediate access to the full news stories in BestDay, A.M. Best's online news digest, located at

We've also added new features to Best's Review to help you zero in on articles that are most important to you and find out more information about the insurers featured in the articles. The table of contents now classifies articles more precisely. Within each article you'll find a list of key points and a list of featured insurers with A.M. Best numbers. We hope these features and the new digital edition will bring you the information you want more quickly.

Sally Whitney is editor. You may reach her at (908) 439-2200, Ext. 5340, by writing to A.M. Best Co., Ambest Road, Oldwick, NJ 08858, or by e-mail at The e-mail address for Best's Review is
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Title Annotation:Editor's Prologue
Author:Whitney, Sally
Publication:Best's Review
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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