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A meaningful life.

WE LONG FOR REASSURANCE, our own personal angelic visit, the removal of obstacles, the certainty of fulfillment. Botticelli's Virgin sways in prayerful wonder she receives the blessed summons. What will follow? For Mary it will be a life of loneliness and poverty, with her son dying a criminal's death and the only solace her faith. Human strengths can only lead to human satisfactions, and even these are vulnerable to fortune. But these are meager goals, not enough to lead us into peace. There is no lasting peace that does not rest upon a sense of life having meaning. For Mary, that meaning was her divine son; for others, it can come from a determination to do what is right and the solid certainty that this is something that nobody can wrest away from us.

SISTER WENDY BECKETT of Norfolk, England, well-known for her BBC and PBS television art series and her popular art books. Reprinted with permission from: Sister Wendy's Book and Meditations (DK Publishing, 1998; 888-342-5357). Painting: Annunciation, 1489-90, Sandro Botticelli, Uffizi Gallery, Florence.
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Date:Mar 1, 2000
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