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A man escaped.

Words escape through gaps: meaning converts them into conduits. Stained leaves. Dyed parchment on which nothing is crossed out. The words begin to swagger through the whiteness of a last refrain, then draw back, seductive, as if no longer responsible, compromising themselves like a series of defective vehicles that have to be shipped back to the factory from the dealership window. Invective in a starling's mouth, refracting pleasure down to the last decibel.

Lewis Warsh is the author of several books of poems, including Dreaming as One, Blue Heaven, and Information from the Surface of Venus, as well as two novels, Agnes and Sally and A Free Man. He is the publisher of United Artists Books and editor of The World (the literary magazine of The Poetry Project).
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Author:Warsh, Lewis
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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