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A major new initiative from our friends at Civil Rights in Public Education (CRIPE).

For students in Roman Catholic separate high schools, there are religious programs and courses such as retreats, mass, etc. Although the process of exemption from such programs has validity in law, as outlined in the provincial Education Act, applications for exemptions are fiercely opposed by Catholic schools. In most cases, it can take months for a parent to convince separate school authorities to obey the law. In July, CRIPE is supporting a court action to establish the validity of the exemption process. If you agree and would like to contribute to the final legal cost of up to $9.000, please send a donation to:

Civil Rights in Public Education, Box 491, Pembroke, ON KSA 6X7 []

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Title Annotation:Goings On
Publication:Humanist Perspectives
Date:Jun 22, 2013
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