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A look at the winners behind the winners.

Big Money Went Into Big Victories by Lambert, Hutchinson and Dickey

JUST WHO WERE THE BIG winners Nov. 3?

We know that Blanche Lambert, Tim Hutchinson and Jay Dickey were victorious in this election year's races for Arkansas congressional seats.

All three emerged from battles destined to produce a newcomer to the U.S. House of Representatives. None of the three faced an incumbent.

Ray Thornton, from the 2nd Congressional District, was the only incumbent left among the four state districts by Nov. 3. Thornton handily won re-election over Dennis Scott.

So Lambert, Hutchinson and Dickey will trek along with Thornton to Washington, D.C., as part of the 103rd Congress convening in January.

But who were the winners behind the winners? Which Arkansans, through their monetary contributions, figure to gain from the results of Nov. 3?

In the previous issue of Arkansas Business, staff writer Dixie Martin examined some of the key contributors to the candidates in the 1st, 3rd and 4th district races.

Research revealed that banking, legal, natural gas and agriculture interests lined up behind Lambert. Dickey had at least $6,000 contributed from individuals identifying themselves as connected with the timber industry.

The following is a complete list of the state business people who were campaign contributors to each congressional candidate of the three key races. The list was obtained from campaign filings at the Secretary of State's office. When available, hometowns and occupations are listed.

The Winners

1st DISTRICT Blanche Lambert

* Bob Douglas, Texarkana, $1,000.

* Thomas F. "Mack" McLarty, Arkla Inc. chairman and CEO, and Donna McLarty, Little Rock, $1,150.

* W.J. and Cassie Brothers, Helena, $1,475.

* CurtBradbury, Worthen Banking Corp. CEO, Little Rock, $1,000.

* First PAC, First Commercial Bank, Little Rock, $1,000.

* Barnett Grace, First Commercial Bank CEO, Little Rock, $260.

* Jack Stephens, Stephens Inc. chairman, Little Rock, $1,000.

* Warren Stephens, Stephens Inc. CEO, and Harriet Stephens, Little Rock, $1,000.

* John Tyson, Tyson Foods Inc. vice chairman, Springdale, $1,000.

* Richard E. Bell, Riceland Foods Inc. president, Stuttgart, $1,000.

* Vicki Reggie, lawyer and wife of Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, McLean, Va., $150.

3rd DISTRICT Tim Hutchinson

* Jim Walton, banker and head of Walton Enterprises, Bentonville, $1,000.

* Mrs. Jim Walton, Bentonville, $1,000.

* J.B. Hunt, founder of J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc., Fayetteville, $1,000.

* Allyson P. Hunt, Springdale, $1,000.

* T.E. Renaud, Twin City Bank board chairman and CEO, North Little Rock $500.

* Bobby L. Martin, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. executive, Lowell, $2,000.

* Donald R. Melton, U.S. Marshal, Eastern District of Arkansas, $250.

* Dr. C. William Hof, Rogers, $2,000.

* Dr. James Bledsoe, Rogers, $2,000.

* Bill Kisor, contractor, Fayetteville, $2,000.

* Mark Simmons, Simmons Industries Inc. president, Siloam Springs, $2,000.

* James T. Hudson, Hudson Foods CEO, Springdale, $500.

4th DISTRICT Jay Dickey

* Johnnie Walker Murphy, homemaker, El Dorado, $1,000.

* C.H. Murphy Jr., oil and timber, El Dorado, $1,000.

* Lawyers with Friday Eldredge & Clark, Little Rock, approximately $5,000.

* Chuck Meyer, Meyer's Bakery executive, Little Rock, $1,000.

* Ted Skokos, lawyer, Little Rock, $1,000.

* Mrs. Sheffield Nelson, Little Rock, $1,000.

* Earl Wells, Arky House retail merchant, Hot Springs, $1,000.

* David Glass, president and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Bentonville, $1,000.

* Ruth Glass, Bentonville, $1,000.

* Jim Walton, Bentonville, $1,000.

* Lynne Walton, Bentonville, $1,000.

* Dr. James F. Burton, Hot Springs, $1,000.

* Richard E. Bell, Riceland Foods Inc. president, Stuttgart, $500.

* Eddie Sutton, basketball coach, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Okla., $1,000.

* Sidney Moncrief, automobile dealership owner, Glendale, Ariz., $500.

The Losers

1st DISTRICT Terry Hayes

* Myron Harrison, businessman, Little Rock, $1,000.

* Sheffield Nelson, lawyer, Little Rock, $1,000.

* Allen and Ann Bush, Blytheville, $1,000.

* J.E. Vaughn, retired farmer, Delaplaine, $1,000.

* Mary Voigt, retired, Heber Springs, $1,000.

* 1st District Committee, Paragould, $1,495.

* Carol and Dan Baker, Little Rock, $500.

* Larry Duke, business executive, Jonesboro, $500.

* Dr. William Green, Jonesboro, $500.

* Chesley Pruet, oil investments, El Dorado, $500.

3rd DISTRICT John VanWinkle

* Don, John, Carla and Cheryl Tyson, Tyson Foods Inc., Springdale, $1,600.

* James Blair, lawyer/Tyson Foods Inc, Springdale, $1,800.

* Kate VanWinkle, retired, Conway, $2,100.

* Wayland Parker II, Greenwood, $1,000.

* William Bowen, Clinton's chief of staff, Little Rock, $500.

* Woodson W. Bassett III, lawyer, Fayetteville, $1,000.

* T.E. Renaud, Twin City Bank board chairman and CEO, North Little Rock, $500.

* Lawyers with Mitchell Williams Selig Gates & Woodyard, Little Rock, approximately $2,000.

* Walter Smiley, Systematics Information Services Inc. founder, Little Rock, $250.

* Worthen Banking Corp. PAC, $500.

4th DISTRICT Bill McCuen

* Warren Stephens, $1,000.

* Witt Stephens Jr., Stephens Inc., Little Rock, $1,000.

* Harriet Stephens, $1,000.

* Terry Rose, musician/songwriter, Little Rock, $1,467.

* J.E.M. Jacoby, Stephens Inc. investment banker, Little Rock, $1,000.

* John Tyson, Tyson Foods Inc., Springdale, $1,000.

* Don Tyson, Tyson Foods Inc., Springdale, $1,000.

* Worthen Banking Corp. PAC, $1,000.

* Michael Coulson, Coulson Oil Co. president, Little Rock, $500.

* Jimmy W. White, Coulson Oil Co. chairman, North Little Rock, $500.
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Date:Nov 9, 1992
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