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A look at recently issued patents.

Packaged Body Adhering Absorbent Article and Method of Applying Such Article to a Wearer, No. 8,012,137; Carmen Lira, Appleton, WI; Deborah Snell Hannah, Appleton, WI; Adrienne Rae Loyd, Neenah, WI and Channon Lee Arteman, Appleton, WI; Assignors to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Neenah, WI

Filed: 7/30/2008, issued 9/9/2011

Kimberly-Clark researchers have patented a feminine care absorbent article comprising an absorbent structure and a shell. The structure is configured for disposition adjacent to a female wearers' vaginal region while the shell is configured to support the absorbent structure. The shell has a body facing source with an adhesive and a body facing surface.

The absorbent article has a packaged configuration and a use configuration and at least a portion of the article overlaps another portion of the article when its packged but they are not overlapping during use.

Nursing Pad, No 8,012,138; Satoru Sakaguchi, Kagawa-ken, Japan and Ayami Suga, Kagawa-ken, Japan; Assignors to Uni-Charm Corporation, Ehime, Japan

Filed: 9/13/2011 issued 9/9/2011

A nursing pad made of a dome that allows a wearers breast to be fully enveloped has been patented by Uni-Charm. The pad comprises a liquid impermeable sheet on the external side of the pad; a liquid permeable sheet along the perimeter of the pad. These two sheets surround an absorber to hold the wearers' milk. The pad is able to be folded and fastened to the wearers'clothing with a fastening element.

Disposable Absorbent Article With Enhanced Absorption Properties, No 8,017,827; Harald Hermann Hundorf, Bonn, Germany; Holger Beruda, Schwaibach, Germany; Horst Blessing, Cincinnati, OH; Peter Dziezok, Hochheim, Germany; Axel Krause, Erftstadt, Germany; Mattias Schmidt, Idstein, Germany; Lutz, Stelzig, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; Assignors to Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH

Filed: 6/182008, issued 9/13/2011

A disposable absorbent article comprising a chassis including a topsheet and backsheet and a cellulose-free absorbent core has been patented by Procter & Gamble researchers. The core contains a polymer material with a saline flow conductivity greater than about 100X10-7 cm3 sec/g and a centrifuge retention capacity of greater than about 20 g/g.

The absorbent core comprises two layers, which receive the absorbent particulate polymer. The absorbent core further comprises thermoplastic adhesive material covering the it and when these layers are combined this material is in contact.

Absorbent Article with Urine-Permeable Coversheet, No. 8,016,803; Joerg Mueller, Karben, Germany; Cornelia Martynus, Nid-derau-Ostheim, Germany; Ralf Geilich, Eppstein, Germany; Simone Seeboth, Schwalbach, Germany; Erkaterina Ana-toiyevna, Ponomarenko, Bad Soden, Germany and Michael Divo, Friedrichsdorf, Germany; Assignors to Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH

Filed: 9/13/2005, issued 9/13/2011

Researchers at Procter & Gamble in Germany have received a U.S. patent for an absorbent core with a backsheet a topsheet, an absorbent core and a urine permeable coversheet. The coversheet is partially attached to the article forming attached areas and the unattached areas and lies across the elon-gate opening in the front region in a position to cover the wearers' genitals but not obstruct the back region when the article is worn. The genital coversheet has a rearward transverse edge that is unattached to the article and traverses the elongate opening.

Hygienic Band Having Three Dimensional Structure and the Manufacturing Method Thereof, No. 8,016,804; Kyeng Im Lee, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Filed: 10/13/2006r issued 9/13/2011

A hygienic band with a three-dimensional structure and a pad with an absorbent layer and cover has been patented by a Korean researcher. The band has a rear folded part at the central region, which is triangular in shape. The first and second folded surfaces are unfolded relative to a common oblique side and are inserted along a rear portion of a crotch of a boyd to be in cose contact with a curved surface of the when the rear folded party is unfolded.

Pull-On Disposable Diaper, No. 8,016,805; Jun Sasaki, Tochigi, Japan; Taeko Kania, Tochigi, Japan and Michiko Otsuda, Tokyo, Japan, Assignors to Kao Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

Filed: 7/29/05, issued 9/3/11

A pull-on disposable diaper with a waist opening and pair of leg openings has been patented. The diaper comprises a front section and a rear section, each with a first and second region. The first regions are closer to the waist opening and the second regions are closer to the leg openings. When worn, these regions apply a pressure to the wearer's body.

When the diaper is being worn, the first region is to be applied to the part of the wearer from the iliac creat to the anterior superior iliac spine and the said second regions relocated in a region adapted to be applied to the part of a wearer below an upper iliac region of the wearer.

Incontinence Article in the Form of Pants, No. 8,016,806; Fridmann Hornung, Santiago, Chile; Wolfgang Ostertag, Gerstetten, Germany and Benjamin Wenzel, Heidenheim, Germany; Assignors to Paul Hart-mann, Heidenheim, Germany.

Filed: 11/17/08; issued 9/13/11

Paul Hartmann researchers have received a U.S. patent for an incontinence product in the form of pants designed to receive excrements. The article comprises a front belly section, a rear back section connected to the front section at a side seam and a crotch section permanently attached to an extending in a longitudinal direction between the belly section and back section. The belly section and back section have an edge contour which extends toward a transverse center axis of the crotch section and which differs from a transverse or peripheral hip direction to define the leg openings. This crotch opening comprises a liquid impermeable back sheet material, a top sheet material made of nonwovens and an absorbent body between the two.
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