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A look at recently issued patents.

Lightweight Spun-Bonded Nonwoven Fabric Having Special Barrier Properties: No. 7,919,420 B2; Steffen Bornemann and Markus Haberer, assignors to Fiberweb Corovin GmbH, Peine, Germany Filed 3/20/2009, issued 4/5/2011.

Patented recently is an invention that relates to a spun-bonded nonwoven fabric made of polyolefin filaments having a titer <1.6 dtex, the spun-bonded nonwoven fabric having a basis weight.ltoreq.18 g/m.sup.2, a waterproomess of <15 cm measured as a water column. In addition, it has an air permeability of at least 230 m.sup.3/(m.sup.2min), wherein the product of the air permeability and the basis weight is .ltoreq.5000 g/(mmin).

High Strength and High Elongation Wipe: No. 7,919,419 B2; Jeffrey Hurley, Brian Boehmer, Alan Campbell, Jerry Moore, Douglas Vercauteren, Barry Burgess and Heather Horton, assignors to Buckeye Technologies Inc., Memphis, TN

The present invention patented provides high strength nonwoven wipe materials and the process of making the materials. The high strength nonwoven wipe materials contain cellulosic fibers, synthetic fibers, or mixtures thereof, with bicomponent fibers and optionally, a binder. The present invention provides a high strength, high elongation, reduced stiffness nonwoven wipe material with superior tensile strength.

Absorbent Article: No. 7,918,840 B2; Helena Corneliusson, assignor to SCA Hygiene Products AB, Gothenburg, Sweden

Filed 3/03/2004, issued 4/5/2011.

A patent has been issued for an absorbent article that includes an upper, liquid-permeable cover sheet, a lower, liquid-impermeable cover sheet, and an absorption body arranged between the cover sheets. The article includes first and second side barriers along the respective longitudinal sides of the article. Each side barrier has at least one longitudinal elastic element. The side barriers define a shape which narrows in the direction towards the front portion so that the distance, in the transverse direction of the article, between the elastic elements is greater in the rear portion than in the front portion. Each side barrier is arranged such that, when it is secured in contact with the front portion, each side barrier and the upper cover sheet define a folded structure of substantially Z-shaped cross section with a fold directed towards the inside of the article.

Disposable Diaper: No. 7,918,838 B2; Hi-ronao Minato, Kaiyo Nakajima and Naoko Takada, assignors to Uni-Charm Corporation, Ehime, Japan

Filed 9/04/2007, issued 4/5/2011.

A disposable diaper recently received a patent. The diaper includes a covering chassis having front and rear waist regions, and a crotch region; a body fluid absorbent structure disposed at least in the crotch region; and an elastic isolating sheet covering at least the absorbent structure. The elastic isolating sheet has a front opening and a rear opening. The absorbent structure is provided on a bottom thereof with an elastic panel.

Body-Attachable Sanitary Napkin: No. 7,918,837 B2; Leonard Rosenfeld, assignor to McNeil-PPC, Inc., Skillman, NJ

Filed 12/18/2007, issued 4/5/2011.

Patented recently is a body-attachable sanitary napkin including a fluid-pervious cover layer, a fluid-retaining /assembly; and a barrier layer having a body-contactable adhesive disposed on at least first portions thereof. The sanitary napkin according to the invention remains securely attached to the body during use, moves with the body during use, yet at the same time enables the user to selectively remove the napkin in a pain free manner.

Disposable Absorbent Article Having Side Panels With Structurally, Functionally And Visually Different Regions: No. 7,919,669 B2; Donald Roe, Barry Feist, Krista Comstock and Lisa Goodlander, assignors to The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, OH

Filed 8/28/2008, issued 4/5/2011.

A disposable absorbent article worn about the lower torso of a wearer includes at least one pair of side panels connecting a first waist region to a second waist region forming a waist opening and a pair of leg openings. Each side panel includes a waist region, a hip region and a leg region wherein the waist region, the hip region and the leg region differs structurally functionally and visually to provide an improved initial fit and sustained fit while exhibiting a garment-like appearance.

Components of Articles Including Continuous Detector Materials: No. S 7,919,668 B2; Tom Belau, Robert Forrester, Michael Flattum and Bernhardt Kressner, assignors to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc., Neenah, WI

Filed 5/30/2003, issued 4/5/2011.

Patented recently is the present invention relates to disposable absorbent articles including one or more discrete components. Representative discrete components include the nonwoven layer of the outer cover, the barrier film layer of the outer cover, the absorbent core, the bodyside liner, fasteners, ears and attachment panels. The discrete components include a continuous detector material. A representative continuous detector material may be an optical brightener. The discrete components also include a masking block. The masking block may decrease or eliminate the detectable presence of an optical brightener.

Absorbent Products and Methods Of Preparation Thereof: No. 7,919,667 B1; Phyllis Leithem, Charles Kremers, W. Paul Harrell, Stephen Lewis, Karl Sears, Quan He and Peter Abitz, assignors to Rayonier TRS Holdings Inc., Jacksonville, FL

Filed 6/15/1999, issued 4/5/2011.

Patented recently is an improved absorbency material for absorbency applications comprised of a cellulosic fibrous material wherein said cellulosic fibrous material such as pulp is a cold alkali solution treated material at a treatment temperature of less than about C; a process for improving absorbency and other characteristics of said pulp.
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