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A lofty monitor floods their house with light.

A raised section of roof called a monitor floods the once-dark interior of this bungalow with soft daylight. The 33-foot-long rooftop addition also adds an unexpected volume to the slender kitchen and dining room below--its peak is 16 feet above their floors.

From the outside, the monitor rises 3-1/2 feet above the old roof peak. Openable windows at each end and along the west-facing side admit sunlight and vent built-up heat in warmer months.

Building the monitor meant cutting a 6- by 33-foot hole in the roof. New posts and room-long beams pick up the loads from interrupted roof trusses, and 6-by-10s spanning the kitchen at 7-foot intervals tie its side wall together.

Palo Alto architect George Cody of Carter/Cody Associates designed the addition for Dorothy and Tom Berson.
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Date:Jan 1, 1986
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