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Listening to a conversation between teens can be a tiresome and sometimes confusing affair. WithAa acronyms, abbreviated words and their penchant for transforming nouns into verbs (eg Googling your crush), iteCOs practically a whole new language. But iteCOs not just teenagers who are doing it. The English language has seen a huge influx of so-called eCywordseCO thanks to popular culture references that enter the lexicon and become the norm. ThateCOs what happened with eCybootyliciouseCO, eCyblingeCO and eCyblogeCO - can you imagine life without them ;For a small legion of women who are dedicated fans of the web site, the invention of new words - essentially describing things that there are no existing words to describe - has been going on since 2000.The site started out as a go-to guide for young, hip women in New York City looking to find out about the latest restaurants, spa treatments, sample sales, invisible underwear and everything else

in between. Over the years, the writers have created and collected a truck-load of Daily Candy-isms which they recently compiled into a book.Entitled eCyDaily Candy: Words that doneCOt exist but shouldeCO.Some of the popular terms they have coined include eCyinshopniaeCO to describe what many would agree to be the modern eC[pounds sterling]disorder marked by making unnecessary online purchases in the wee hours due to insomniaeC[yen] or eCysnoopideCO, an adjective for when you leave an obvious trail after snooping through your boyfriendeCOs belongings.Aa The book is the kind of modern girl guide to snappy neologisms and witty banter. Here are a few of our favourites; words that we cannot believe we ever survived without, as well as, a few Dubai-inspired ones that capture the experience of living in the UAE.

Carbonara footprint (n): ObviousAa effects of overindulgence in creamy pasta dishes.

>> eC[pounds sterling]IeCOm on a fasting diet for the next week in an effort to reduce my Carbonara footprint.eC[yen]

Fabric-ation (n): The involuntary impulse to lie when the salesgirl asks what size you are.

>> eC[pounds sterling]I caneCOt believe you asked for the dress in a size 4 and youeCOre an 8. Total fabric-ation.eC[yen]

Locationship (n): A relationship based solely on proximity, such as with your neighbour.

>> eC[pounds sterling]I have to break off my locationship with Steve because IeCOm moving thanks to the rent hikes.eC[yen] Textual harassment (n): A proposition via text message; received quite late in the evening.

>> eC[pounds sterling]I got textually harassed last night. Six messages on my phone asking eCyWot r u up 2 ;eCOeC[yen]

Manbiguous (adj): A quality in a man by which his behaviour, sexual and otherwise, raises questions about sexual orientation.

>> eC[pounds sterling]When Mike asked if her shoes were Louboutins while watching eCyDancing With the StarseCO, his gay status went from manbiguous to confirmed.eC[yen]

Guyatus (n): A hiatus from guys. >> eC[pounds sterling]Thanks, but no thanks. IeCOm kind of on guyatus.eC[yen]Significant otherwise (n): A person with whom you date because he is better than a certain alternative.

>> eC[pounds sterling]No, he isneCOt the most attentive lover, but IeCOd rather a significant otherwise than that commodities trader who lives with his mum.eC[yen]

Girth announcements (n):Aa A pregnant womaneCOs never-ending discussions and updates about their changing sizes.

Hush bunny (n): The bribe offered in the sweets aisle of the supermarket to avert a tantrum.

>> eC[pounds sterling]I just saw Sarah pull a total hush bunny with that little brat, Tommy.eC[yen]

Instinkt (n):Aa A mothereCOs uncanny ability to sense when her baby needs to be changed. Altarcation (n): A heated, angry dispute between the couple regarding every last details of the ceremony and party.

>> eC[pounds sterling]ThateCOs quite the altarcation theyeCOre having over the floral arrangements.eC[yen]

Ca-toast-trophic (adj): Used to describe a completely horrifying wedding toast.Groompaloompa (n): BridezillaeCOs counterpart.Dubai Drift : The tendency for a driver on the roads here to drift from one lane to the other without ever using their indicators.

DSS - Dubai Sale Syndrome: A seasonal disorder that affects women during the summer sales possessing them to buy clothes and shoes a size too small because theyeCOre at 50 per cent off.

>> eC[pounds sterling]SheeCOs at home nursing a bad case of DSS - three pairs of shoes worth. eC[yen]

Brunkfast (n): The merging of breakfast, lunch and Champagne on Friday afternoons at five-star hotel brunch buffets, that usually carry on into the evenings. Shoulder surfing (n): The peculiar tendency for people to watch over your shoulder or stand really close to you in an ATM queue (when a queue happens to form that is). Burj-tigo (n): The sensation of dizziness and tilting causing a loss of balance due to looking down from the billionth floor of one of DubaieCOs skyscrapers.

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Publication:7 Days (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Date:Aug 13, 2008
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