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A lesson from history; FEEDBACK.

IS history about to repeat itself? Back in the 19th century when the Native Americans began to get restless and took to the warpath a certain chap by the name of George Armstrong Custer took the opportunity to return to the fray.

Having been languishing on half-pay he began to promote his credentials as the man to sort out that little problem. Scroll forward and what do we find? A certain chap by the name of Boris "Custer" Johnson finding himself in a similar situation has decided that his drive and experience are needed to save the day. Down in Fort Cameron things are becoming a trifle fraught. Reports from their scouts in the backwoods have been reaching the top echelons about a charismatic prophet and leader by the name of Nige who is going the rounds stirring up the braves.

Apparently he has returned refreshed from a sojourn in the wilderness (the EU) communing with the Great Spirit. His main strength lies in the tribal lands of the UKIPs and the coming of spring would seem the most likely time for them to make their move. The question that is hanging on everyone's lips is - will Johnson become the man of the moment or will he follow that other Custer into the pages of history? MARTIN MCCLELLAND, Marske

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Aug 12, 2014
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