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A last look at the talent in the room; Perot: how I learned to love him.

It's too bad Ross Perot has such deplorable, regressive ideas for wiping out the deficit. In the final debate in Michigan the jug-cared little billionaire was first-rate with his remarks about the North American Free Trade Agreement.

To the evident embarrassment and confusion of his two opponents, Perot said the agreement would lower wages and debauch the environment. For about five minutes, in front of a huge audience, "bipartisanship" as repre- sented by Bush and Clinton, was revealed for what it is. And for that achievement (along with his discussion of Noriega and of April Glaspie and the origins of the war with Iraq) Perot deserves our thanks. If I were a worker in one of those states where the jobs are about to be sucked south, I'd probably pull the lever for him.

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Title Annotation:Beat the Devil; H. Ross Perot
Author:Cockburn, Alexander
Publication:The Nation
Article Type:Column
Date:Nov 9, 1992
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