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Jay Shafer's 4sqm Tumbleweed Tiny House Co, Werner Asslinger's 7.25 square Loftcube and the horrible $35K dome home from Timberline geodesics are the main architectural features of Retrothing at with the beanbag for two, the Mathmos Space Projector, the tongue-endangering Pizza Fork/Cutter Thingy, a Marmite jar, the challenging single digit led clock kit--and much, much more. This is the site for architects with a penchant for off the wall gadgets 'run by a team of renegade elves in Western Canada' who every month publish around 50 classic gizmos on this site. Actually it's a bloke called James Grahame. It's a site to make wrinklies sigh with nostalgia. Ah, Marmite. Ah the Mathmos larva lamp. And there are a lot of useful links to a wide range of gadget types and possible nutty architecture. I tried 'Household and design' but got the Izek Sewing Machine Controlled by Game Boy. And then I tried the Make site. Nothing Shuttleworthy here, although there was a story on self-heating cans of latte.

Sutherland Lyall is at
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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