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A kitchen table that disappears.

A kitchen table that disappears No matter how small, every kitchen can use a table--as a spot to have a quick snack, to spread out and prepare party food, or to do sit-down jobs like making applesauce or stringing green beans. The pull-out kitchen table shown here is sturdy enough that it can be used even as a typewriter stand.

Finding room for a table in Georgia Frazier's small Seattle kitchen wasn't easy. Architect Arnold Ganges decided to slide it into the below-counter cabinets.

Made from a 20- by 27 1/2-inch maple butcher block, the tabletop stands 29 inches high on two 2-by-2 legs. The table's legs and front edge are faced with oak to match the surrounding cabinetry, so it's almost invisible when pushed in. It steals little space from the cabinet around which it's housed, and two drawers sit above it to hold kitchen flatware.
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Date:Mar 1, 1988
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