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A killer new broadhead.

Every time bowhunters turn their heads, there is new equipment being presented that makes us all feel like the proverbial kid in the candy store all over again. It feels like a must-have for us, or at least a must-try. But the big question still remains--which of that new equipment can help make us feel completely confident when the moment of truth arrives? You know, that 'no doubt about it' feeling we all covet. With that being said, above all else I want a broadhead I know will fly true and accurately once the arrow is released from my string. Based on my testing, that's what you will find in the brand new, 100-grain Killzone from New Archery / Products. The product features a two-blade, rear-deploying design that has the added durability diehard hunters demand out of their equipment. A 2-inch cutting diameter with plenty of punch will make huge entry and exit holes for quicker kills and heavy blood trails for easy tracking and recovery. The Killzone is equipped with NAP's spring-clip design to keep blades from deploying before contact with your intended target. There are no 0-rings or rubber bands to mess with--a fact I considered to be an added bonus and welcomed with open arms during my testing. New Archery Products has also given you a choice of tips on the Killzone--the Cut-On-Contact razor tip for more extreme cutting or the Trophy Tip for even more bone-splitting power. For shooters who prefer the new Easton Injexion arrows, NAP also has a Killzone model that is compatible with the Deep Six insert system. No matter your choice, each pack you purchase will come with three broadheads and a convienent practice head so there will be no surprises when you take to the woods this season.

MSRP: $39.99 (per 3 pack)--Drew Pellman

Contact: New Archery Products, 800-321-1279;

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Title Annotation:TACKLE BOX
Author:Pellman, Drew
Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
Date:Jun 16, 2012
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