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A hundred-word way.

(A new draft of a post first published in WordFun, 2004 Mar 21)

A1 was gleeful asking us to write without repeating ourselves. The unusual word count of one-hundred seems okay, yet his first constraint rules out anadiplosis or epanalepsis: every anaphora is anathema. (Whoops. I've used up another common copula.)

Writing this way, refusing even simple symploce, feels like walking in waist-high swiftly flowing water straining and

    --Damn. There goes my best coordinating conjunction, swept away. Oh
   Al's restriction totally forbids polysyndeton anyway. 

It cheers me that parechesis has not been excluded. All right, we can still play around with our sounds but, O ... God, what a tragi-catastrophe for epanastrophe!


Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania

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