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A holiday club for KILLERS.

AMERICA'S latest holiday resort offers its guests a break with a difference.

They will learn to use a sub-machine gun.

They'll be taught to shoot handguns from a moving vehicle.

And they'll discover that the golden rule is: "Shoot to kill!"

Welcome to First Sight, the world's first resort for gun enthusiasts.

Half-way between Las Vegas and Death Valley in the Nevada desert, the shooter's paradise is the brainchild of former chiropractor Ignatius Piazza.

He swapped his white jacket for fatigues and combat boots after being caught-up in a random drive-by shooting spree.

"I was struck by the frightening realisation that, although I owned firearms and shot them regularly, I didn't know how to use a gun when it is needed most - to defend one's life."

His 550-acre theme park will be run as an exclusive club.

Members will stay in 177 custom-home one-acre lots and 350 town houses - and pay up to pounds 140,000 for the privilege.

They'll be issued with navy fatigues and black combat boots, and set loose on 13 firing ranges.

In fact, First Sight will be more like a town than a holiday resort, with its own school, airport and postal code.

Guests will stroll down streets with names like Smith & Wesson Avenue, Colt Boulevard and Second Amendment Drive - the clause in the Constitution enshrining the right to bear arms.

The harder the White House tries to curb America's runaway gun problem, the tougher the diehards fight to keep their weapons.

Mr Piazza, 39, has the blessing of the desert town of Pahrump for his pounds 20 million project, due to open later this year. He chose his location well.

On its website, the town bills itself as The Heart of the Old New West. And an animated cowboy figure draws two six-guns and fires away.

"It's visionary," Piazza says of his resort which will boast facilities good enough for the SAS.

He likens it to the high-class golf resorts now so popular in the States.

It appears he can't see the difference between shooting for par and shooting to kill.
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Author:Hall, Maggie
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 23, 1999
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