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SOUND SHAPES (3+) PS3, PlayStation Vita RRP: pounds 9.99 Out now FITTINGLY for a game about creating music, Sound Shapes is a mash-up that's equal parts side-scrolling platformer, sequencer and world creator.

The basic premise involves guiding a sticky ball from one end of a level to another, triggering a series of musical notes along the way while avoiding coming into contact with anything that's coloured red.

Everything else that you touch or interact with emits a sound - and it's here that things start to get really creative.

Because with careful planning, it is possible to craft interactive songs out of the scenery.

The 20 or so sample levels by musicians, including Beck, I Am Robot And Proud, deadmau5 and Jim Guthrie, help to showcase Sound Shapes' scope and versatility.

And a comprehensive editor - one that is cross-play compatible with the Vita - ensures anyone can create their own levels and then share them with the community.

As a pure platformer, Sound Shapes is so-so. But as a creative tool, it's pure hipster heaven.


Create a tune as you avoid everything red
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 19, 2012
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