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A history of psychology; original sources and contemporary research, 3d ed.


A history of psychology; original sources and contemporary research, 3d ed.

Ed. by Ludy T. Benjamin.

Blackwell Publishing


427 pages




Compiled by Bengjamin (psychology, Texas A&M U.), this reader provides insight into the history of psychology in the United States by combining original sources by such figures as John Locke, John Stuart Mill, Paul Broca, Willam James, Wilhelm Wundt, James Rowland, Sigmund Freud, John B. Watson, B. F. Skinner, and Leta S. Hollingworth together with more modern papers providing a contemporary perspective. The 44 readings are organized into sections on the philosophical and physiological roots of modern psychology, Wilhelm Wundt and the founding of scientific psychology, origins of scientific psychology in America, structuralism and functionalism, birth of the new applied psychology, psychoanalysis, behaviorism and neobehaviorism, the new profession of psychology, race and gender and the psychology of social change, and cognitive psychology.

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