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A high-handed way to treat MP and constituents.

IF MP Peter Snape is forced to make way for Tony Blair's nominee, a little more grass roots democracy will have gone down the drain.

Labour sources suggest that Mr Snape's West Bromwich East constituency would be ideal for Tory defector Shaun Woodward.

Mr Snape would be offered a peerage, Mr Woodward could claim a safe seat - and the people of West Bromwich would do as they are told.

Peter Snape is a decent, hard-working MP of the old school, and it should be entirely up to him whether he stands down or not.

If he chooses to go, then surely it is for members of the local Labour Party to choose his successor as their candidate?

If New Labour's bosses are wondering why they are coming in for a hammering in the opinion polls, they might usefully look to this kind of high-handed attitude.

Mr Blair would also do well to remember that he is only the Prime Minister, not Big Brother.

Time for more class

and less lip Edwina

EDWINA Currie deserves a dressing down for her cheap crack at the expense of Birmingham.

Challenged on television about a frightful frock she once wore at a Tory conference, she replied to the effect that it was good enough for Birmingham, where we obviously knew no better.

The only thing more outmoded than Edwina's dress is her line in dreary old jokes at the expense of the infinitely more stylish Second City.

She ought to remember that Birmingham gave her a start on the political ladder. It's not our fault that she fell off it again soon afterwards.

To prove there are no hard feelings, here's a free fashion tip, Edwina - why not button your lip?


NEVER mind undergraduates, it's more a case of underwiring at the university where you can get a degree in bra design.

There are also seats of higher learning that offer surfing, darts and body piercing.

Isn't it good to know that even if we do not produce an Einstein, we will still be world leaders in the vital areas of cleavage and nose studs?

The opinion of the majority is often tragically wrong
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Title Annotation:SPORT
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Aug 20, 2000
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