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A healthy lifestyle may help overcome genetic disposition toward heart disease.

If you have a high genetic risk of coronary artery disease, you may be able to reduce that risk if you adhere to a heart-healthy lifestyle. A study published recently in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a healthy lifestyle could cut your risk of a heart attack in half if you have a high genetic risk for a coronary event. A high genetic risk, coupled with an unfavorable lifestyle, means your 10-year heart risk is about 11 percent. By adhering to a lifestyle that includes no smoking (currently), no obesity, regular exercise, and a healthy diet you may be able to cut that risk to about 5 percent, according to the study. Individuals with a strong family history of heart disease may be discouraged about their future heart health. But researchers are hopeful that these findings will encourage those people to adopt behaviors and make choices that will lower their long-term heart risks. The researchers also note that good genetics can also be offset by an unhealthy lifestyle. So given that lifestyle is a heart risk factor you can control, unlike your family history, you're better off making the effort to manage your weight, quit smoking, eat a healthy diet, and exercise daily.

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Title Annotation:HEART BEAT
Publication:Heart Advisor
Date:Feb 1, 2017
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