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A healthier choice for beauty consumers.

Since Xtreme Beauty International Inc. was founded in 2010, its okay brand has aimed for a healthier choice for today's consumers. The XBI brand originated offering castor oil, shea butter and black soap. Today it comprises shampoo, conditioner, hair oils, color and treatments; facials and masks; lip balms, beard care, body care and lotions; skin oils, foot scrubs and soaks; and many other products for women, men and babies. Natural ingredients include oils, fruits, vegetables, herbs and vitamins

The trend in beauty care toward more natural products has forever changed the market, with many brands trying to offer more choices for the health-minded consumer. The OKAY brand's wide appeal spans multicultural consumers, Latinos and naturalistas, as well as the general market. Brand appeal, product benefits, variety and ingredients are strong points which tend to help the customer decide to purchase OKAY over the competition. The package design is very eye catching, which attracts customers walking down the aisle. "There are only fractions of a second to make the potential customer stop and take notice of our brand, so key packaging which pops has always been important to us," states Osman Mithavayani, vice president of XBI and son of the company's founder.

A one-stop shop that covers all the bases

OKAY is the answer all retailers are looking for, according to OKAY vice president Osman Mithavayani. "We capitalize on brand trust. When we introduce new lines and SKUs, our partners experience immediate sales because we offer the kinds of healthy, natural products that consumers want and trust."

Why have 20 different brand categories in your store, when you can have one that covers all the consumer's needs? OKAY is a cost-efficient way for retailers to cover all categories without oversaturation of brands.

OKAY is a one-stop shop that covers all beauty, hair and skin care needs with natural, affordable and high-quality products. "When our collections are placed together, they perform better, and you can sell multiple units per customer per visit," said Mithavayani. "The customers genuinely trust what the brand offers, and attractive and informative packaging seals the deal."

Consumers are looking for products they can depend on and that work. OKAY has built great consumer trust over the years with reliable and quality products. OKAY has had the ability to develop and release products based on the demand of the customer.

Contact: OSMAN MITHAVAYANI, Vice President, Xtreme Beauty International Inc.

15400 NW 34th Ave., Miami Gardens, Fla. 33054, Tel: (305) 766-1555,

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Date:Jan 15, 2018
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