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A handy bag for her bird hangs from her belt.

A handy bag for her bird book . . . it hangs from her belt

Bird-watchers who want something handier than a backpack for carrying identification books might use this idea from Mary Foster of Tucson.

She adapted a vinyl trash container for cars (about $2 in auto supply stores and automotive sections of general merchandise stores) by cutting a slit about an inch on each side of the existing slit and deep enough for her belt to pass through. Use any sharp knife to make the cuts.

The sturdy bag keeps two of her favorite birding references at her finger tips--but out of the way when they're not needed. And there is room left over for note cards, a pen or pencil.

A colorful cloth patch sewn to the pouch identifies her bag. Standard needle and thread easily penetrates the bag.

Photo: Hip pouch keeps bird book handy for quick field identification

Photo: Belt slips through slits cut in vinyl car trash bag
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Date:Feb 1, 1986
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