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A grip on safety tips.

* Make sure the rear window guard is down during the winching operations. The screen protects the window--and you--from thrown debris or a snapped cable.

* Use leather gloves, NSN 8415-01-394-0208, when handling the cable. The gloves will protect your hands from burrs and broken wires that are hidden by dirt and grease.

* Always leave at least five loops of cable on the winch drum when pulling a load. That keeps the pressure off the attaching hardware and on the cable--where it belongs.

* Keep the DEUCE and its load in a straight line. Pulling the load at angle puts too much stress on the winch drum and attaching hardware. Also, your sight is blocked by the rollover protective structure. That's an accident waiting to happen.

* Always use the doubling block from the BII compartment when doing a self-recovery or when recovering another DEUCE. The block doubles the DEUCE's pulling force, giving you the muscle you need--44,000 pounds--to do the job.

* The earthmover's winch can handle debris like logs, stumps and fallen trees, and can even recover another DEUCE. To do that, the winching DEUCE must be stationary. But you can't tow another DEUCE with the winch cable.

Keep rear window guard down when winching

Use leather gloves when handling cable
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