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A good sulk will do us all the world of good!

WHETHER it's Britain's stuttering economy or the August rain that's getting you down, a performance artist thinks he has the answer... a good sulk.

With unemployment levels high, wages rising slower than the price of your weekly shop and climate change threatening to destroy the world as we know it, Barrie J Davies is hoping to capture the public mood with an organised sulk.

The Cardiff-based 32-year-old is appealing for people to join him on the lawns in front of City Hall this Friday for an hour of ostentatiously morose silence.

Mr Davies, whose previous artistic efforts have included a pub crawl and an exhibition of nothing, said he wanted to reflect the world as it is today.

He said: "A lot of people are depressed at the moment because of a number of things like the economic climate. It's just a simple piece of work to explore that."

In e-mails appealing for sulkers to join him, Mr Davies says: "This artwork will explore life depressions and anxieties of today's modern life and through this performance this may exorcise some of those demons."

Mr Davies, who was born in Pembrokeshire and has a masters degree in fine art, has created artwork including sculpture, prints, video, internet art and baseball caps.

In 2004, he invited people to send him objects they thought represented the idea of nothing or nothingness for an exhibition called the museum of nothingness.

The public sent him nothing.

He has also held an exhibition in his bathroom and put together an eight-minute video solely consisting of the word boring.

He lives and works in Pontcanna, Cardiff, and will be sulking on the City Hall lawns with a placard advertising his efforts from 1-2pm this Friday.


Barrie J Davies is hosting a mass sulk outside Cardiff's City Hall on Friday
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 24, 2010
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