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A good place to raise kids.

Children who grow up on a farm have advantages over city kids, They are more grounded in the realities of life and where their food comes from. "A while back, a chef made us head cheese, and offered some to our six-year-old son. Our son asked what it was and the chef told him it was pig head. Our son said it was really good. Most kids would not have even tried it," says Schulyer.

"One of the sweetest things our kids said was just after we had a runty pig that was here longer than her littermates. We don't usually name the animals, but our son called her Funny Eyes because she had blue eyes. When it was time for her to go he was so upset that he wouldn't even say good-by to her. When we got home from the slaughterhouse he asked if we saved her heart and we told him we did, and asked him why. He said, 'Now we can eat it and save all of her love.' I thought that was a very meaningful thing for a little boy to say."

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Title Annotation:Homestead business
Publication:Countryside & Small Stock Journal
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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