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A good case for modern QFF cases is made by leading manufacturers.

Retailers are offered a literal 'dance of cabinets' from one maker -- the Calipso, Samba, Tango. . .Others boast low-energy units and environmentally-friendly CFC-free insulation.

What's new in frozen food display case and refrigerated merchandising cabinet technology? Quick Frozen Foods International recently surveyed most of the world's leading manufacturers of such equipment to find out. Highlights of some of the findings are reported below as a service to the many frozen food retailers who read this magazine.


Looking for an island frozen food cabinet? Calipso, the latest generation of such display cases from Framec S.p.A., San Giorgio Monferrato, Italy, could fill the bill.

If it's a glass door cabinet you want, Framec offers a choice of the Samba wall-site model and the Samba AN AP APV, which adds a vertical section to the basic horizontal one.

And for ice cream parlors, to keep the ice cream cold while providing easy access to scoop it out, Framec has three alternatives: the Tango, the Rumba and the Top.

Those are just a few of the frozen food and ice cream cabinets produced by the company, which boasted sales of 42 billion lira last year, up from 34 billion in 1991. With 230 employees at its plant, Framec serves the needs of the industry throughout Europe and beyond.

Besides the cabinets named for Latin and Caribbean dances, the company offers a range of upright low-temperature merchandisers under the Expo brand, Spot free-standing small units for ice cream and frozen food impulse items, VT-VS chest freezers and Exposer upright displays for cold cuts and dairy products.

Framec has also gotten into the refrigerated transport supply business with Easy Body isothermal panels for construction of truck bodies as well as ready-made truck bodies using the same materials. The truck bodies include isothermal and fan-assisted units, plus "eutectic" units with plates or beams to hold products in place.

Advanced computer systems, including CAD/CAM software, are used in the design of new cabinets, and a modern CAD CAM computer system is used in the trimming, piercing and bending steel sheets for their construction. Injection of foam for insulation is automated, and refrigerating circuits are sealed by hermetic welding. All finished products are subjected to rigid quality control tests, and sent back to the line if they don't check out.

Refrigerated equipment for transport is tested in a special isothermal room, one of the few in Italy, under A.T.P. standards. For more information, contact the company at Strada Pasigliano, 15, 15020 S. Giorgio Monf. (AL) Italy; telephone: (0142) 478211; fax: (0142) 79007.

Ardco's M-Line

Ardco's new M-Line display door systems for freezers and coolers are being marketed to those "who seek bold and imaginative ideas in store design and remodeling." The one-eighth inch door frame is barely seen, leaving an open appearance from edge-to-edge that is enhanced by a silk screen pattern on glass. The net result is that shopper attention is focused where it belongs -- on product displays.

The M-Line Look is color coordinated throughout, from doors and shelving to uprights and price tag molding. All blend in a single tone of standard black or silver gray finishes.

Patented in the USA, with foreign patents pending, M-Line features other advancements including: a full length handle, door reversibility, magnetic sealing, hold-open, hinge reversibility. Also offered is Ardco's exclusive gas-filled Insulweld construction that reflects heat, protects against condensation and reduces energy consumption.

For detailed information and literature about M-Line doors, contact the Overseas Sales Department, Ardco, Inc., 12400 S. Laramie Ave., Chicago, Ill. 60658-3290, USA; telephone: (708) 388-4300; fax (708) 388-0952.

Costan Gets in Tune

From the land of Verdi and Puccini comes a line of retail FF display cabinets with musical names, marketed by Costan S.p.A., Limana.

All are relatively small units, ranging from a meter to 2.6 meters in length, and are thus suitable for smaller food stores or for special category displays in larger stores. At least two models of each are available.

The Melody, for example, comes in 1.57, 2.07 and 2.57-meter versions, with capacities of 365.5, 498.5 and 631.5 cubic decameters. All use RR refrigerant. The Polyphony, by contrast, comes in only 1.57 and 2.07 meter lengths, with capacities 303 and 413 cubic decameters -- but is available in either R22 or R502 versions.

Other cabinets in the line include the Quartet (two sizes, both using R22), the Symphony (three sizes, choice of R22 or R502), the Symphony ABT and ATN (both vertical units, with upper and lower sections each available in three sizes), the Opera and the Overture (refrigerated food vertical units, in two and four sizes, respectively, all using R22) and the Allegro, a curved glass refrigerated food unit.

More information is available by contacting Costan at 32020 Limana (BL), Italy, phone 437-97541, fax 437-967434, or Costan branches in Gennevilliers, France; Bruhl, Germany; Harlow, United Kingdom; or Barcelona, Spain.


Norpe Ltd., a Porvoo, Finland-based manufacturer of low-energy using glass door refrigerators and freezers, has introduced the Polaris 14 and Arctia models. The former comes with an integral condensing unit for remote mounting. The quiet-running upright features wide double doors for easy customer access. Operating at temperature ranges of -- 24|degrees~ to 18|degrees~C and 0|degrees~ to 8|degrees~C, depth is 70 cm.

The Arctia island-style case, built with insulated solid sides, comes with optional glass risers. A number of sizes are available, with widths of 130, 155 and 198 cm. and cabinet lengths of 180 and 270 cm. The widest model can be complemented with a supplementary cabinet measuring 96.5 cm.

The case contains a two-part finned evaporator. Temperatures are stabilized at ranges of -23|degrees~ to -21|degrees~ C for frozen foods and +2|degrees~ to +4|degrees~ for chilled products.

More details may be obtained by contacting the manufacturer at P.O. Box 24, SF-06151, Porvoo, Finland; phone: 358-15-548801; fax: 358-15-144235.

AHT Deep-Freeze Cabinets

Austria Haustechnik Gesellschaft is promoting its sliding glass lid-equipped AHT deep freeze cabinets for use as either single units or in island configurations. Among the advantages of the highly-insulated lidded system is extra protection against product meltdowns caused by power failure. Frozen integrity is guaranteed to last for at least 24 hours following an electrical shutdown.

Another plus is that the unit requires only two-thirds of the energy used by comparable open isle units. And waste heat transmitted into the immediate store environment is very low (not exceeding 2 pcs 100 Watt lightbulbs).

Assorted frozen food product arrangement is possible in AHTs, and the front wall of the case is designed to carry advertising signage in cooperation with suppliers.

Additional information about the equipment may be had by contacting Austria Haustechnik at P.O. Box 42, A-8786 Rottenmann, Rottenmann, Austria; phone: 3614/2451; fax 3614/2451-205.

Caravell Cabinets

The Caravell Group in Denmark makes a wide line of freezer cabinets and cases for supermarket and retail store operators. Headquartered near Viborg in Jutland, it claims to have been among the first companies to introduce chest freezers insulated with CFC-free foam.

Upright display freezers are available with single or double lightweight glass-fronted, heated doors. Internal ladder racks are built into unit walls to provide maximum shelf height adjustment. Vertical lighting illuminates the whole cabinet, not just upper shelving.

Featured on the 365-074 model is a "no frost" defrosting system, while the 366-074 incorporates freezing coils on all five shelves. Also available are mini impulse freezers, showcase spot merchandisers and chest display freezers.

For more details, contact Caravell at 65, Hjarbaekvej, Denmark 8831; phone: 45 86642222; fax: 45 86642922.

Electrolux Crystal

Electrolux of Arvika, Sweden, has introduced new freezer gondolas -- the Crystal COG and COI33. The glass-walled units are the latest in a generation of designs that have focused shoppers' attention on the food products within. But this rendition takes the concept one step further.

Large glazed areas on four sides of the case go all the way down to the bottom of the compartment. And with slim profiles at the corners and handrail, the result is a merchandiser that features maximum visibility of its contents. Furthermore, fluorescent lights are integrated into the unit at each side to enhance fixed lighting in the store.

The COI model is designed for displaying ice cream and frozen foods, while the COG unit may also be switched to medium temperature operation. Each can hold up to 300 liters of volume.

Zero Zone

Zero Zone Refrigerator Manufacturing Co., Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA, recently introduced a Single Deck Island Merchandiser. It may be used to showcase frozen foods, ice cream, or medium and dual temperature products.

Standard features include: durable coated exterior panels; stainless steel rails and high impact top and bottom bumpers; adjustable shelving; foamed-in-place high density urethane insulation; electric defrost system.

The merchandiser is available as a narrow island case, wall case or double wide case in 8' and 12' lengths that can be joined to form an "endless line-up."

Arctic Star

From Arctic Star of Texas comes an in-store demonstration oven for frozen food, allowing store personnel to heat and serve samples right on the premises. The Demo Cart 1 is just 41 inches long and 44 inches high, with a counter, cutting board, oven and storage area all included in the compact design. It also features a heavy-duty bumper, a four-plug electrical outlet, and three-inch rubber caster wheels.

Foie Gras and Duck Meat To France, But of Course

A new company called Foie Gras from Madagascar has been formed by Madagascar Bongou Co. and French interests. It specializes in producing foie gras and duck meat.

Some 400 family farms supply 58,000 ducks annually. In 1991, 10.8 tons of meat and 2.4 tons of liver were exported -- mainly to France.

In other news from Madagascar, Lecofruit Co. is expanding its jarred vegetable business to include frozens. Extra-fine green beans will be shipped to customers in France beginning next year.

Lecofruit has two French partners, Segma Maille and Eurofroid.

China Very Much in Market For Modern Food Machinery

China will focus on importing high-tech food packaging and processing machinery in the coming five years, according to official sources quoted in Xinhua.

Some US $4 billion worth of foreign-supplied equipment enabled the modernizing country to update a good deal of its production capacity in 1081, said Zhang Huaizhong, president of the China Food Packaging and Processing Machinery Association.

However, 3,000 factories nationwide are still operating at low efficiency because of outmoded technologies. As a result, they can only meet 40% of domestic market needs. At the same time, he noted, "People now have become pickier eaters because of the overall improvement in their living standards."

Therefore, it is urgent for China to import advanced equipment and technology. According to Zhang, the country has suffered from repeatedly buying outdated machinery in the past.

The value of products turned out by China's food industry last year was put at 130 billion yuan, reflecting a 146% rise over a decade ago. This ranks the sector third in terms of output among all industries.
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