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A gift for that person in your life who has everything? - leader comment.

It's hard to find a present for the person who has everything. Well, perhaps not actually everything, but everything they appear to want, which is obviously not the same thing at all.

A nice woolly jumper? No, that was last year's one. A book token? Bit boring. A hot air balloon ride? They're afraid of heights. A sushi-making class? What if they're allergic to shellfish? Hmm.

How about a World War One German dreadnought battleship? The SMS Kronprinz Wilhelm to be precise. We should warn you that it is a bit on the expensive side with a "buy it now" price of [pounds sterling]250,000 so this is probably only something to consider as a gift if you are a member of the super-rich.


But if that's too much, then how about the cruiser SMS Karlsruhe? A snip at [pounds sterling]60,000.

One other thing we should probably mention before you dash off to the bank to discuss a loan.

Both these ships and two others on sale on eBay are, well, at the bottom of the sea in Scapa Flow after being scuttled by their crew as Germany surrendered.

But still, as the selling agent said, it's "a once in a lifetime opportunity".


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Publication:The Scotsman Online
Date:Jun 18, 2019
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