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A gardener's notebook.

MY first bulb catalogue arrived on Midsummer Day, and it was not a welcome sight.

Who wants to think about autumn when the garden's at its height, and last year's daffodil foliage hasn't even died down yet?

I had a quick rifle through it and then put it away for later. Then, the other day, I remembered a particular tulip that I wanted. Could I find the wretched catalogue? Of course not.

If I were really well organised, I'd have done my bulb order by now.

Getting in early is the only way to make sure you get exactly the varieties you want and the pick of this year's bulb harvest.

It's the daffodils that worry me more than anything. It's amazing how early they start into growth.

I accidentally dug up some bulbs of 'Tete-a-tete' the other day when weeding and fat white roots were already appearing from the basal plate.

Thank Heaven for tulips, I say. You can leave them happily on the back burner while you get your demanding daffs in.

I've planted tulips as late as Christmas Eve and they've still appeared at the same time as ones planted in early October.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 28, 1999
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