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A garden gate must be sturdy. These six are.

Another winter has passed, and your yard has survived another beating by the weather ... maybe. One of the casualties could be your garden gate; between heat and cold, dry and wet, and constant use, it can start to sag, swell, stick, and gernerally become quite cranky.

Here are six gates designed to take a beating and still perform well. Each is almost overbuilt, but that qulity gives each its character and style.

Two gates are steel-framed; their strenght is unsurpassed. Three use wood in strong configurations; one simply hangs from an overhead track, so strenght is not an issue. In general, steel gates cost more than wood because they usually must be fabricated by a professional welder. But if you're putting a gate in a high-use area where you want security, a well-built steel gate may be your best choice.

Three of the wooden gates we show are designed to literally lock together, creating a stiffness that time won't easily loosen. Structural joints of all wooden examples were glued and srewed together. Two gates have lap joints, cut with dado blades, to increase the bonded surface areas and provide added stiffness.

Depending on the weather, wood shrinks or swells. The gates here allow for this, with adequate gaps between joints or between gates and fence posts. And like the gates, hinges are heavy-duty; posts are of nonflexing material like concrete or concrete block.
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Date:Jun 1, 1984
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