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A further modified ten-square.

The original ASTRALISED ten-square appeared in the November 1990 Word Ways, and the modified DISTALISED square in February 2002. Inspired by Rex Gooch's recent groundbreaking discoveries, I have now further modified this square. The latest effort is an interesting mix of old and new. There are only two proper names, a place and a person, both American. Everything else is uncapitalized and, with one exception, solid-form. Every item in the square comes from America or Britain, and they can all be found either on the Internet (using the Google search program), or in major English-language references.


FISCALISED variant of fiscalized, subject to fiscal control; taken charge of or managed as a source of revenue [Web 2, Funk & Wagnalls, OED].
 (Mr Broughton) I would take the view that sale of tobacco should be
 fiscalised in the same way as other similar products [The UK
 Parliament, Select Committee on Health, Minutes of Evidence, 27 Jan
 2000 (Google)]

IMPOLARITY lack of polarity, particularly non-expression of opposite emotional extremes, absence of mood swings--a rare technical term in behavioral psychology.
 This battery of tests will emphasize those functions shown to be
 impaired on an empirical basis (problem solving, abstraction,
 linguistic ability) and theoretical basis (behavioral
 self-regulation, impolarity, shift of set, sustained effort, and
 attention) [An Identical Twin High-Risk Study of Biobehavioral
 Vulnerability, M.T. Tsuang and M.J. Lyons, NIDA Monograph 159, p 99

SPALACINES blind mole-rats of the subfamily Spalacinae [Funk & Wagnalls].
 Whereas bathyergids and spalacines are truly subterranean, other
 named rodents may also forage and disperse aboveground [Are naked
 and common mole-rats eusocial and if so, why?, H. Burda, R.L.
 Honeycutt, et al., Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, Vol 47, No.
 5, Apr 2000]

COLD-NOSERS plural of cold-hoser, someone with a cold nose.
 I just never dreamed I'd sink to a streetwalking cold-noser with a
 foot fetish [Old Fools And Young Wives, Dalton Roberts, Chattanooga
 Times Free Press, 1 Mar 2000 (Google)]

In mining, a cold noser is the same as a wildcatter, a person or company devoted to exploration in areas far removed from those known to have actual minerals or other substances of value [Dictionary of Mining, Minerals and Related Terms, US Bureau of Mines, 1996].

ALAN BROWNE an American bank consultant born in 1909 [Who's Who in America, 45th Ed., 1988-89]. There are men named Alan Browne listed in many telephone directories and other references throughout the world.

LA CORALINA a small luxury townhouse complex in Coral Ridge, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; also the name of a hotel in Bocas del Torn, Panama [Google].

IRISOLONES plural of irisolone, an estrogenic isoflavonoid compound derived from the rhizome of certain irises [Handbook of phytochemical constituents of GRAS herbs and other economic plants, James A. Duke, 1992]. Dr Trevor Kitson of the Institute of Fundamental Science at Massey University, New Zealand, states that if a chemist made irisolone synthetically in a lab he might say 'the synthetic and natural irisolones proved identical in every detail'.

SINEWINESS the state or quality of being sinewy; firm strength [OED].

ETERNNESSE variant of eternness, eternity [OED, 1608 quot.].

DYSSEASSES plural of dysseasse, a 16th century spelling of the noun disease [OED].


Hastings, New Zealand
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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