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A footrest for Sunset's classic lawn chair.

In July 1981, in an article titled "The cair that won the West," we showed you how to build an Adirondack chair like the one above.

The Cypress Center, a nonprofit business employing mentally handicapped adults in Fort Bragg, California, adapted the design to produce mail-order kits. The center also developed a design for a compatible footrest which we show here.

You can make the footrest out of any wood to match the chair; the set shown above is painted pine. The footrest took about 4 hours to build and cost under $20. To build the footrest, you ll need: * 2 feet of 1-by-6 * 7 feet of 1-by-4 * 7-1/4 feet of 1-by-3 * 36 1-1/4-inch #10 flat-head woodscrews

You'll also need a saber or coping saw, a drill with a 1-1/4-inch #8 screw pilot, wood glue, sandpaper, a rasp, and paint or stain for finishing.

Cutting the wood. Using the diagram, make templates for the side rails and feet. On the 1-by-6, trace the outline for two side rails. On the 1-by-4, trace the two feet. Cut ot the pieces.

Also from the 1-by-4, cut two 14-inch lengths for the legs and noe 23-inch length for the back brace. From the 1-by-3, cut four 21-1/2-inch lengths for the top slats. In the top of each leg, make a 3/4-by 3-1/2-inch notch.

Assembly. Position the side rails and feet next to the legs as shown in the drawing. Make sure that the back edge of each side rail is flush with the inside edge of the leg notch, and that the top back edge is flush with the top of the leg.

Predrill screw holes for three screws for each side rail and foot, then glue joints and set screws. Use a rasp and sandpaper to contour the legs flush with the slope of the side rail.

Place the back brace in the leg notches, with outside edges flush with the outside of the legs. Predrill for three screws on each side, then glue joints and set screws.

Position the first top slat inside the legs and flush with the back edge of the back brace. Predrill for two screws on each side of the slat, then glue and set screws.

Next, set a slat flush with the front tip and outer edges of the side rails. Repeat for the two inner slats, leaving equal spacing between all slats. Use two more screws to fasten the first slat to the back brace.
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Date:Jun 1, 1985
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