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A film festival for everyone.

Byline: Lewis Taylor The Register-Guard

EVENT PREVIEW Best of the Best Film Fest What: A film festival affiliated with the Eugene Celebration highlighting award winning local films and films from throughout the state Where: McDonald Theatre, 1010 Willamette St., Eugene How Much: Free Information: Go to

CORRECTION (ran 9/9/2006): The next installment in the Best of the Archaeology Film and Video Festival series is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, 110 W. Broadway. A story in the Ticket section on Friday listed the wrong date.

It's called the Eugene Celebration, but the event's film festival, the Best of the Best Film Fest, highlights productions from throughout the state. And a few that came from much further away.

The lineup includes a 40-year-old "Star Trek" episode, videos made by local high school students, a documentary about a California murder by a Eugene TV producer and a film about a neo-Nazi who falls in love with a black woman in a mental institution.

Aside from a diversity of offerings, there may be no clearly defined identity for this film festival. But organizers say that's just the way they like it.

"We're not only a film festival, we also wanted to make it fit with the (Eugene Celebration)," producer Katina Andoniadis said. `(We asked ourselves), `Who comes to the Eugene Celebration and what would they like to see?''

She hopes they want to see films about suicide, weird science projects, cosmic beings, health care, Iraq and the animal toll of Hurricane Katrina.

Andoniadis says all of the films have won awards, and most of them have an Oregon connection. And, she says, pointing to today's "Star Trek" anniversary offerings, there is a bit of a science fiction bent to this year's festival.

On this very stardate in 1966, the first episode of the show that inspired thousands of grown men to wear pointy ears first aired. Called the biggest franchise in Hollywood history, Star Trek spawned an empire that included an animated series, four spin-off series, 10 feature films, 70 million books, 120 different soundtrack albums and 40 video game titles.

To celebrate the milestone, the Best of the Best will screen that first episode, aka "Man Trap," along with an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" that was co-written by Eugene's Eric Stillwell. The evening concludes with a showing of the fan film "Starship Exeter: The Tressaurian Intersection," directed by Portland's Scott Cummins.

The event continues on Saturday with videos created by Eugene filmmakers and films from the annual Youth Visions high school video competition. Later in the afternoon, there will be screenings of films from the Eugene Film Festival and shorts from Portland's Forest Film Festival.

Saturday's schedule includes a showing of the documentary "Inside Iraq."

Portland filmmaker Mike Shiley examines the reality of life on the ground in Iraq without pushing a political view. Armed with a video camera and a homemade press pass, he travels through the Sunni Triangle, Baghdad, the northern Kurdish region and the Shiite-controlled south in search of untold stories.

Another of Shiley's films, "Dark Water Rising," is about the more than 50,000 cats and dogs left behind in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It closes the film festival on Sunday afternoon.

"Neo Ned" - a film about race, love and fate that screened at the Ashland Independent Film Festival - is the final showing of the day on Saturday.

Sunday opens with "Queen of the Mountain," a selection from the Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, followed by more short films from the Forrest Film Festival.

The afternoon lineup features "The Boles Murders," a documentary by Davey Porter. The film re-examines a decades-old California murder that stumped sheriff's detectives and led to a re-opening of the case.

Formerly a California newspaper editor, Porter now lives in Eugene. He is the co-producer of the children's TV show "Nanna's Cottage."



6:30 p.m. - Star Trek: "Man Trap"

8 p.m. - Star Trek: The Next Generation "Yesterday's Enterprise"

10 p.m. - Starship Exeter: "The Tressaurian Intersection"


Noon - Spotlight on Eugene: "Food"/"Dance" (Thaddeus Konar)

12:15 p.m. - Youth Visions: "Hallways" (Rachel Lytton, David Garfinkel, Brooks Robertson, Ashlyn McGraw, Andrew Holst, Yezi Wang), "Corridors of a Troubled Mind" (Roman Flock), "In Passing" (Brendan Albano), "The Perfect Suicide" (Nathan Arbuckle, Michael Osborn-Grosso, Aaron Rocha, Faye Tyson), "My 4 Extraordinary Years of High School" (Julian Thieme)

1 p.m. - Eugene Film Festival: "Moongirl" (Henry Selick), "Trout Grass" (David James Duncan)

2:30 p.m. - Forest Film Festival: "Missing Pages" (Jerome Oliver), "Flight of the Dunni" (John Waller), "At Risk: Uninsured in America" (Jim Hill)

4 p.m. - "Inside Iraq" (Mike Shiley)

6 p.m. - "Neo Ned" (Van Fischer)


Noon - Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival: "Queen of the Mountain" (Martha Goell Lubell)

1:30 p.m. - Forest Film Festival: "Smart Card" (James Oxford), "Solace" (Jonah Salander), "I Killed Zoe Day" (Powell Weaver), "The Vessel Pitches" (Jonathan Wysocki)

3:30 p.m. - "The Boles Murders" (Davey Porter)

5:30 p.m. - "Dark Water Rising" (Mike Shiley)

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