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A festive Cristmas for your dining table.

For this season, consider decorating the dining room table. It is where family and friends will gather around and share stories and blessings of the season. Decorating the table specifically for Christmas dinner is a great way to make the day even more cheerful and memorable. Since Christmas day is fast approaching, here are some tips on how to decorate and transform your dinner table into something impressive and festive --- perfect for the holiday season.

Decorating your table for Christmas can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it. It can always be eye-catching and uplifting. You may set a budget for your decorations, but some decorations could be as affordable and easy as a few ornaments.

In general, the colors red, green, white, gold and silver are still the favorite color motif for Christmas, and probably it will always be. However, you may opt for a wintery motif, by just using white, blue, light shades of purple and that's it. You may also add one large scented candle, with an additional ornamental snowflakes, little Snowmen, Reindeer figurines, a Santa Claus doll, colorful or metallic balls or beads, or snowy white garlands.

One standard decoration is a Holiday Christmas Wreath. It is composed of a circular array of artificial plastic pine leaves. The Christmas wreath is usually laid in the center of the table. It can be decorated with any object you may want to use as a theme. If you have no theme in mind, you may use ribbons and bows, artificial metal coated balls and plastic red berries. Inside the wreath, place a large candle or several tapers. The tapers can be the same or of various heights. The choice is yours. Just make certain that the flames or hot wax do not come in contact with anything that could cause fire.

Cut-flowers and cut-foliage arranged in a flower vase or with a floral foam is another option. Flowers that can be used includes red roses, white lilies, chrysanthemums, anthuriums, carnations, dendrobium orchids, with fine asparagus fern leaves, kamuning or baby's breath for greenery. A thick red Christmas ribbon with gold or silver prints wrapped around the vase would be an added feature. Accessories may include a miniature pineapple, gold-painted pine cones, medium sized apples, red berries, rattan fruits or other red colored palm fruits.

Another option is a tray, basket or bowl with assorted fresh fruits in season. Fruits could be composed of pineapples, ponkan oranges, red apples, pears, dragon fruits, watermelons, melons, bananas, lanzones, and red & green grapes. The bunch of fruits are arranged in the basket with the tall ones at the back or center and the smaller ones at the sides. This connotes a feeling of bountiful harvest. Round fruits signifies prosperity. Realistic artificial fruits will also do.

A bowl of ornaments, which usually provides a simple yet elegant table decoration, is another option. This will give your table a sophisticated look. Set a glass bowl in the center of your table and fill it with solid colored glass ornaments, metallic colored balls or ornaments in a variety of colors. For further enhancement, line the bottom of the bowl with plastic pine needles or pine leaves, and place tea lights around the outside of the bowl.

With these decorations, family and guests will surely have a memorable and wonderful evening with you.

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