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A fat lot of use EU are.

THE British people were handed two very good reasons to leave the EU this week after two seriously damaging rulings in the European courts.

First, they ruled that obesity can be considered a disability in some cases. So fat people could get the right to demand costly concessions from their employers. And the truly disabled won't be able to get a parking space because they'll all be taken up by fat, lazy lard-arses with a disabled badge.

Then another ruling says the UK can bring non-EU partners into the UK without having a travel visa.

Yes, it's annoying for legitimate and honest tourists and partners to have to jump through hoops every time they come here, especially when endless numbers of possible undesirables from EU states can wander in unchecked.

But we already have a problem with sham marriages and this will only make it worse. It will open the doors to criminal gangs arranging pretend weddings for non-EU migrants to any citizen from any member state for money.

And while our checks are quite good at weeding out fraudulent partners, other poorer and more corrupt countries won't be.

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion, Column
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 21, 2014
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