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A family pass to Blair Drummond Safari Park; WIN.

Thanks to a certain advert, most people are now familiar with meerkats.

But this is definitely one little mongoose that's anything but 'simples'.

Meerkat burrows can range from just a few holes to a complicated labyrinth 30 metres across with 90 entrances.

Blair Drummond Safari Park has a'mob' of twelve meerkats? They live in specially designed enclosure at the Safari Park and are looked after by a team of keepers, headed by Lisa Smith.

Lisa, who has worked at the Safari Park for four years, said:"Meerkats are highly sociable animals and in the wild they will live in large groups which are called mobs.

"Family groups keep each other within sound and sight distance whilst foraging. At least one member will always be standing on hind legs or perched in a bush or tree and scanning for predators.

"This lookout is called the'sentry'and sentry duty can last for over an hour at a time.Themeerkat standing guard will make peeping sounds when all is well. If danger is spotted, it barks loudly or whistles so everyone can make a dash for the nearest burrow."

Visitors to the Safari Park can observe this natural behaviour as they watch the meerkats basking in the sun on warm days, and can learn more about these fascinating creatures at the Meet the Keeper talk every day at 4pm.

The Observer has teamed up with the safari park again to offer readers the chance to win a family pass each week.

This week's question is: What is a group of meerkats known as? To enter fill in the coupon with your answer, name, address and contact number and send it to: Safari Park Competition, Stirling Observer, 34 Upper Craigs, Stirling, FK8 2DW. Usual Reach plc rules apply. The deadline is Monday, August 6, at 4pm.


Nibbles Part of the Safari Park's meerkat `mob'

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Publication:Stirling Observer (Stirling, Scotland)
Date:Aug 1, 2018
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