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A dual-carriage robot and a bottle production system. (Plastics Machinery/Processing).

Husky Injection Molding Systems' multimold carrier systems, which are capable of running two independent molds in the same machine, require fast and adept product handling. The Integrated Dual Carriage Inline Robot features independently controlled dual carriages that ride on a common beam mounted parallel to the multimold machine. The dual carriage design enables the robot to pick up parts using traditional end-of-arm tooling. Independent control of each carriage allows the robot to remove a part from each mold and place each independently for downstream handling. The robots are available for payloads of up to 80 kg (176 lbs) per head.

Another recently introduced product from Husky is the IndexSB single-stage bottle system, which produces PET containers for dry spices. The system combines PET injection molding with stretch blow molding to produce bottles ranging from 25 ml to 5 L on a single machine. System uptime is maximized by rapid tooling changeover capability, with less than two hours required for a complete changeover.

Two bottle designs, both 8-oz jars with 48 mm threads, are being produced at Husky's Advanced Manufacturing Center prior to the machine's installation in a commercial facility. The IndexSB system for this facility is configured with 12 injection and six blow cavities and is running a 9.4-sec cycle, which translates to an output of 4600 bottles/hr.

Husky injection Molding Systems, Inc., 500 Queen Street South, Bolton, Ontario, L7E 5S5 Canada; (905) 951-5141; Fax (905) 951-5321;; e-mail: or

Dual Carriage Inline Robot: Data Zone 133

IndexSB: Data Zone 134
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Title Annotation:Husky Injection Molding Systems
Comment:A dual-carriage robot and a bottle production system. (Plastics Machinery/Processing).(Husky Injection Molding Systems)
Author:Blanco, Alice
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Date:Apr 1, 2003
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