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A dramatic response: fast relief from extreme cancer pain.

Nancy Kosobucki was 40 years old and had two kids when her regular gynecologist told her that after 40 she needed a baseline mammogram followed by an annual one thereafter. The mammogram came back with a 'suspicious' area so she was told to come back in six months (September 1999). At that time, the 'suspicious' area had doubled in size and a lumpectomy was recommended. Since the surgeon found that the tumor was only one centimeter in diameter, and since he had obtained clean margins, he felt that she didn't need chemotherapy. Nevertheless he suggested radiation--but Nancy refused.

Meantime, she conceived but lost her baby at about four months. Another mammogram, in 2000, showed a recurrence in her right breast. Her physician recommended a bilateral mastectomy followed by chemo, radiation and five years on Tamoxifen. She declined. She didn't really want to see another physician, so she consulted a naturopath and followed her suggestions for some natural treatments. She felt comfortable with those and assumed that she was getting better. Unfortunately, the naturopath was killed in an automobile accident--and Nancy was unsure as to what to do next. She actually did nothing.

In 2003, she noticed a ring-shaped redness around the nipple of her right breast and had a CAT scan and an MRI. These showed that she had an invasive, inflammatory breast cancer that had also invaded her pectoral and intercostal muscles, her vertebrae, right axilla and left greater trochanter (femur) also causing pain walking. She had nodules in her right lung as well, the largest one measuring 2 cm. She was told that she would be dead in six months and only chemo could prolong her life. She still felt that with the right treatment, her body would be able to heal itself.

By November of 2006, she started to have back pain and soon she was unable to stand up straight. She was sent to a doctor to take muscle relaxants but got no relief. In December, the pain had become severe and on Jan. 3, 2007 she had a new CAT scan and bone scan. These showed that three vertebrae, her lungs and shoulder were invaded.

Nancy had worked as a massage therapist. Strangely, a client of hers was familiar with the Gerson Therapy and some time earlier had given Nancy a brochure with information about the treatment. She had paid no attention to it and had put it away. When her pain became unbearable, she remembered that she had some information, looked for it and found it. At that point, she took it seriously and decided to try the Gerson Therapy.

When she arrived on January 31, 2007 she was in extreme pain. In order to try to take the worst edge off her suffering, she was on a morphine patch which, she was told, was to be renewed every 72 hours.

That was not nearly enough to help her bear the pain and she was also prescribed hydrocodeine (500mg tablets) to take 'as needed.' She was taking three to four of those tablets on top of the morphine. This heavy medication only took the edge off her pain.

Then came the amazing news: On the full intensive Gerson Therapy, Nancy was free of all drugs and entirely free of pain in exactly one week. The doctors, nurse and frankly even I found this difficult to believe. Most of our patients have pain relief very promptly--but few are on such heavy drugs, have such severe pain and bone lesions and respond that rapidly.

Nancy is only just started on the treatment, by far not cured; she still has some healing reactions, occasional low back pains, some prickling, some migraines and other discomforts. But she no longer needs morphine, codeine or heavy pain drugs. Back home, her doctor was impressed with her dramatic pain relief. He took her blood and urine for analysis and had to admit that "all is normal." Nancy also lost 42 pounds that she urgently needed to lose. She would still prefer to lose another 20 pounds.

As she prepared to leave her doctor's office, he urged her to stop at a McDonalds on her way home and take ... "a strawberry or chocolate milk shake in order to bulk up," since, after all, she was fighting for her life! He even suggested that she continue to take Vicodan for pain (minimal at this point) and assured her that it "would do no harm to her body nor affect her cancer in any way." Nancy didn't follow either of his suggestions.
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Author:Gerson, Charlotte
Publication:Gerson Healing Newsletter
Date:Jul 1, 2007
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