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A double feature for Int'l Jensen.

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill.--International Jensen Inc. will be launching two new loudspeaker lines under its Advent brand name at Winter CES and taking a much more aggressive approach with the Jensen car audio line.

Jim Braun, International Jensen's vice president of marketing and sales, said the new lines are called the B2R and Dimension series.

Braun was reluctant to say much about the B2Rs before they are unveiled at the show, but he did say Jensen intended to market the B2R and Dimension series through regional consumer electronic chains and some specialty shops. The additional lines give stores the ability to sell two Advent lines side by side in addition to the Advent home theater line that is now on the market.

"The Advent line out there now is a good quality product, but it was time for a change," said Braun.

The B2R Series is expected to start shipping this spring, but Braun felt it would have its greatest impact in the market in early 1997 when it is fully rolled out. The introduction of the new two lines means Jensen will have one of its biggest product introductions ever at Winter CES this week, said Braun.

The Dimension Series was released to one retailer, Best Buy, in mid-December and will be rolled out on a larger basis as the year progresses. The line consists of five models, including one floor-standing, two bookshelf, a center channel and an indoor/outdoor type. Prices range from $149 to $349 per pair.

The new lines were developed directly from an extensive market research program at the retail and consumer level. Braun said B2R and Dimension were "designed by the market" over a one-year period. All of the design and engineering work was done by IJI.

"Consumers stressed the cosmetics. We tested all kinds of lines from conservative to not so conservative, put it in front of the consumers and asked them what they thought," he said.

Jensen plans to market the new lines in the same manner as previous Advent products. Braun said no change was needed since the Advent name has a stable reputation among consumers.

The company is also planning on getting much more aggressive in its Jensen car audio line. This is centered around increasing the number of CD-based models. A big push in being planned in the component speaker category and Jensen will add more subwoofers and bass boxes to its product mix.

Braun said Jensen will probably continue with combination packs of receivers and speakers.
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Title Annotation:International Jensen Inc. develops new loudspeaker line
Author:Olenick, Doug
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Jan 1, 1996
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