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A dose of the gross.

More often than not, we turn our heads to avoid seeing something gross. These days, MTV hopes we'd tough it even just once a week to watch new show "Grossbusters."

In an interview, show host Evan Spaulding said it really is one of the grossest ever to air on TV. The show premiered last week and based on that and the trailer, expect disgusting things as putrefied fruits and moldy french fries.

"Every episode comes with a different surprise, something that would definitely shock audiences," Spaulding said. "When I learned that I will be hosting the show and knowing what it will be about, I just kind of prepared myself for the worst."

He is excited how viewers will take to the show. So far, they've been getting great feedback.

The Newark, New Jersey native has been creating a name for himself as a comedian long before landing the "Grossbusters" gig. He started on radio then starred in the indie film "Daily Hustle" and the documentary "Influence." Spaulding turned more heads as rapper Rick Ross on Comedy Central's "Broad City."

"I live and breathe comedy, so when I was asked to work on something which required finding the funny side in something so gross, I was well up to the challenge. It has been great fun, albeit a little-stomach churning at times."

He shared that each episode starts with him and the "Grossbusters" team visiting some of the messiest rooms across the US. He then confronts the owners and offers them "The Dirty Deal."

"'The Dirty Deal' is where the guests start clearing their mess and agreeing to change their filthy ways forever. In return, we will give their bedroom a deluxe upgrade," Spaulding said.

Asked if they will visit Manila for future episodes, he said, "We haven't discussed it but I would love to visit there someday."


Evan Spaulding (Photo from MTV)

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Date:Feb 7, 2016
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