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A dinner date with Rick Adams.

RICK Adams made his name as the fast-talking, wise-cracking host of Channel 4's The Big Breakfast. The bespectacled TV presenter now fronts two-and-a-half hours of live TV every Sunday on the BBC Choice magazine programme Hype.

Rick is 27 and lives in south London.

You're hosting an imaginary dinner party and can invite anyone in the world, living or dead, to your house for one night.

Who would be on your invitation list? "King Arthur and his jolly knights, because they'd bring a big table and some large-chested serving wenches. I'd also invite Prince William's favourites, The Barbie Twins, and Patrick Moore to explain how gravity works. Terry Wogan would be there because he can make anything funny. And finally the Dalai Lama for spiritual guidance and to tell us what goes up must come down unless it is wearing a Wonderbra."

What food would you serve? "Well, the Dalai Lama with his yogic flying could make the cocktails. Our meal would include trays of Parma ham and also something green to keep the veggies happy - probably broccoli."

What music would you play? "Meatloaf. Bat Out of Hell and Anything for Love are musts. We'd also have some Dean Martin's Greatest Hits because I love his stuff."

Who would you have as the lackey in the kitchen to do the clearing-up? "Thora Hird in a body stocking accompanied by Brian Blessed, because he makes a heck of a noise."

Which after-dinner joke would you tell? "An old cowhand comes riding into town on a hot, dusty day and stops in front of the saloon. The sheriff is sitting outside. The sheriff says: `Howdy, stranger' and watches as the cowhand jumps down off his horse, walks to the back of it, lifts its tail and kisses it where the sun don't shine. The sheriff, stunned, says: `Did you do what I think you just did?' And the cowhand says: `Yep. I got me some powerful chapped lips'. The sheriff says: `And that cures them?' And the cowhand says: `No, but it sure stops me licking them'."

How would this event compare with one of your real dinner parties? "Quite similar to the one I have every Wednesday, only Thora prefers a tutu. No, not really. I like cooking and experimenting, rather than following recipes, although I can do stir-frys and a mean chilli lamb roast. But mostly I cook at other people's houses. That way they get to do the washing-up. I'm from the Blue Peter school of cookery, where everything is in little bowls and then you use as many pans as possible, so that part is quite important. Luckily, my best friend Angus and my girlfriend Gemma are quite happy for me to come and experiment in their kitchens."
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jul 4, 1999
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